Friday, December 4, 2009

Ok, ok...

It's freezing outside and I already pushed the ottoman out of the way to clear room for the exercise bike, but ENOUGH excuses...

It's time for a run.

So I'm strapping on my FiveFingers as I speak(type) and I'm heading out the door momentarily.

I'm halfway through my final exams, and when I'm finished I predict an epic comeback to the world of slow running.

Thanks to those of you who still read this (when I do update). I hope everyone is training strong and having great runs.

So a little 1L reflection that will only make sense to law students:
* Property: nicest professor until we saw our 9 page fact pattern for the final.
* Contracts: test is next's hard not to like contracts. Everyone likes contracts!
* Civil Procedure: my favorite class...which means something is seriously wrong with me.
* Torts: worthless. WORTH. LESS.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Slim Down

A lot of the blogs I read are diet/fitness related, and they always have really insightful tips about healthy eating and exercise.

Here? Not so much.

I say eat what you want and if you're not happy with your body...well, I can't help you. I'm not an expert in anything health related and I don't act like I am.

I am however an expert in Jurassic Park quotes, but that may not help you do anything. Ever.

But I have discovered a great way to lose weight quickly! Just follow these easy steps:

1) Take LSAT.
2) Apply to law school.
3) Get in to law school.
4) Go to class.
5) Take both research final + Torts midterm + turn in first memo (EVER) in span of five days.

AND CHA-CHING! You'll drop weight like a prize fighter.

Seriously, my mileage has dropped to below 10 miles a week (far below it...try like, 4 miles) and I've managed to lose weight by stressing out.

I know I'm just losing muscle that took me a year and hundreds of miles to accumulate, so I'm not exactly jazzed about it.

BUT I feel a comeback coming...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Epic (fail) Return


Ok, so I haven't posted in two months...epic fail. But I have a good excuse! I'm a 1L! That's a totally legit excuse, right D.A.R.?!

Anyway, I didn't run that Downtown Doubler and I haven't trained for the L'Ville half. I haven't posted on Run the Ville and I haven't posted a +10 mile run since my marathon.

But the world keeps spinning!

But I have kept running, just not training. I'm running 100% in my Five-Fingers, even on the treadmill...which, I must say, is quite the audio-sensory experience with the THUDTHUDTHUD sound feet-with-no-padding-on-treadmill makes.

What can I say about being a 1L? Well, the most frustrating part of it all is the constant feeling of being one step behind. Even if I've read and briefed for class, there is always something else I could be doing.

For me, one day ahead is behind. There is no such thing as "being on top" of things.

I fully plan on diving back into training come Christmas Break. So I'll go retool the ol' race calendar and see how it goes.

Hope everyone's training is going well...I can't wait to cross (any) finish line again!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posted...I just finished my first week of law school today.

Needless to say, it's been a bit time consuming.

However, I'm still running (or trying to) and I have a new race on the calendar: The Downtown Doubler!

It's a 15k/30k that starts and ends downtown.

Gonna try it "barefoot!"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Downside

I swear my KSOs are have some sort freaky hippie voodoo built in...

Shin splints? Gone.

Sore hips? Nope.

Runner's knee? VANQUISHED by the power of barefootin'!

They have also encouraged me to get as much trail running in as I can because running down a muddy, root riddled trail is a BLAST in the Fivefingers.

Today I came across three bunny rabbits on the trail and they didn't even bat a furry eyelash at me. It's like they could sense my good barefoot vibes! (Or they thought I was just a harmless vagrant wandering the forest...either way).

So...what is the downside?

I took off the nail polish from my toenails and they are straight up NASTY. They don't hurt, but they sure look like they should.

No pictures of the uggle toes, sorry folks. It's too soon after lunch for that.

In other news...I finished my first ever case brief for law school orientation! And when I reread my work I noticed I typed "TRAIL court" instead of "TRIAL court" at least 7 times.

The freaky hippie voodoo is seeping into mah brainz!

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Feet

I took the plunge..

And bought a pair of Vibram Fivefingers KSOs.

Let's get the FAQs out of the way...

- Yes, I run in these.
- Yes, I can run on the road and gravel.
- Yes, I can run for "long" distances.
- No, they aren't water shoes (but they can be).
- No, they don't slow me down.

The Fivefingers replicate the sensation of barefoot running and allow the body to run as biomechanically "correct" as possible.

Ever since I started wearing my KSOs, my runner's knee pain has completely subsided. I also feel "lighter" without my Brooks weighing me down.

It takes a couple of runs to toughen up your feet (heels especially), but I'll take a couple of blisters over knee or hip pain any day.

Trail running is especially exciting in these babies...they let your toes grip on the roots and rocks as you hop through the woods.

I know that most runners I encounter think I'm nuts, but hey-- to each his own. I just call them Hybrids for my feet.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Yesterday I felt like punishing my legs, so I took my run off-road.

I followed a little XC trail around the park and then cut back through my new favorite trail. Running in grass really jacks up the cardio intensity, and I really (really) need to get my aerobic level back up to where it was before my little hiatus.

This time the trail was muddy and slick...I almost ate dirt a couple times, but managed to keep my balance.

So far I've stuck to my 3 Day Training Plan:

Sunday: 5 mile "long" run (still trying to get my mojo back)
Monday: Cross
Tuesday: 4x400 on the treadmill
Wednesday: 3 miles on the TM (torture)
Thursday: 3 mile tempo/trail run

On to the weekend and hopefully a 7 or 8 miler in the country.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I really want a pair of these babies:

Barefoot running = less running related injuries.

Something to think about for all you runners out there suffering from ITBS and the like.

The ultimate question is: do I have the guts to wear these in public?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wanted: New Training Plan

With all this slacking and school prep, I keep forgetting about the half marathon in October.

I can't 100% commit to running the thing until I get a better handle on my school schedule (which is TBA at the moment).

I know that I will make time to run...there isn't a doubt in my mind about that. But if the past year has taught me anything, it's that running and training are two different monsters.

Running is fun and casual. Training is fun and...stressful.

Runner's World has a Three Day Half Marathon Training Plan that might work for me:

Tuesdays: Speed work
Wednesdays: Tempo runs (starts at 3 miles and tops out at 8 miles)
Saturday OR Sunday: Long runs (6-12 miles)

Seems pretty flexible...I'd add a couple days of crosstraining. Also I may convert Tuesdays into short distance tempos rather than gut-busting speed sessions, although a little speed work certainly wouldn't hurt.

But can three days a week get the job done?

Until I settle on a plan, I'm just keeping it steady as she goes as far as running. Hubs and I are running tomorrow, and I'd like to get 5 miles with some trail running thrown in for good measure.

Now I'm off to kayak with my coworkers (and I'm totally counting this as crosstraining).

Monday, July 20, 2009

My First Trail Run

Knee still hurts, but not enough to stop me from getting out in this GREAT weather and running.

And today I tried my hand (and feet) at trail running...

And it. Was. AWESOME.

It was a "short" 1.25 mile loop, but I went the wrong way (a couple times) and ended up doing 3 miles on the trail.

It took a while to get used to that wobbley feeling in my ankles, but then I felt like I was absolutely FLYING down that trail.

It was certainly a different running experience-- now my calf and quads are more sore than they've been in a long time.

But it was rewarding enough that I will do it again...and soon.

Heck, I've even made a new blog tag for it-- that's commitment!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

About that "100%"

So...when I said I was "100% okay" after my week long hiatus, I may have lied a bit. I just didn't know it!

I did a brisk 3 miler on Tuesday and DANG did my knee object. I'm pretty confident it's good ol' runner's knee, I just don't know why it came on now.

After my run, I went shopping for some school clothes (ahh, back to school). And then my car wouldn't start. URGH.

And nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a busted knee and a car that won't start!

Yeah, yesterday was my 24th birthday.

The bright side? I'm getting faster. And isn't that what it's all about?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pretty Lazy

Obviously, I've been pretty lazy when it comes in blogging.

In fact, I took a brief hiatus from running and thus had nothing to talk about in this here runnin' blog.

I didn't run at all last week. I went to the gym everyday and did 45 - 60 minutes on the good ol' eliptical, but running.

I went from 5k to marathon in 13 months and I think I earned a low impact week. Also my knee freaked me out (I'm 100% fine now) and I wanted a little break.

But I'll be back at it again tomorrow!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bluegrass 10,000 Race Report

Let's play the "Good News / Bad News" game with the Bluegrass 10K:

Good News: Overcast, cool-ish at the start.

Bad News: It's still July in I was still drenched in sweat. Also, not all runners want to be dosed with a fire hose during the race. I feel like I was dodging the spray every quarter mile.


Good News: Flat and we passed Coach Cal's house!

Bad News: Surprise hill on Richmond road at mile 4-5.


Good News: NEGATIVE SPLITS! Wahoo! I'll post my Garmin times later, but I got faster each mile...Mile 0-1 was 10:09 and Mile 6-finish was 8:44.

Bad News: Way too much yo-yo-ing with my pace for the first 2 miles.


Good News: Technically, it was a 6.3 mile time was 1:00:47.

Bad News: I stopped my Garmin at 6.2 miles (1:00:22), but either way I didn't PR.

Good News: Starting a race with no injuries or pain was a great feeling...

Bad News: Until the knee pain kicks in at mile .5. Brand new, not IT-band related knee pain on my left leg (which I have always considered to be my "good knee")...going get it checked out because I think it may involve my meniscus.

Hubs reasoned that when I ran the Rodes 10k in March, I was in better "training shape" for the distance because of my marathon (then half marathon) training schedule.

I guess he's right...and considering I am coming off of marathon recovery I'm pretty proud of my time.

He's pretty sharp, that Hubs.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some sort of trap

The Bluegrass 10K is this weekend and it will be the furthest I've run since the marathon.

Although I'd LOVE to PR, I just don't know...I don't think I'm back in the grove quite yet. I've been consciously trying to run "faster," but the Garmin doesn't lie...sometimes I just feel completely exhausted.

I'm still optimistic, but I'm not exactly counting on setting a new PR.

In other news, I've been playing stay-at-home mom to my fur-baby, Gracie Lou.

She's an American Brittany (a spaniel) and she's a bird dog. She's also smart. Like, freaky human smart.

I woke up yesterday and found this:

It's her favorite pillow propped up by her favorite bone.

I texted Hubs and said it was funny, but he said he didn't do it. He thought I did it!

Then we realized...Gracie did it. She set it up like some sort of TRAP to catch a human. She probably was going to shove us in her crate.

It would have been more effective if Gracie slipped a bag of Cheetos under the pillow.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend report...

Days like Saturday make me wonder how I ever ran a marathon in the first place...(if you stepped outside on Saturday then you now what I'm talking about).

It was SWELTERING. The air was absolutely soupy...

There were several moments when I thought I was going to vomit or pass out. I told myself it was all in my head (it was) and kept chugging.

But when my Garmin chirped and let me know I hit 2 miles, I turned around. 4 miles, 42 minutes of misery.

Sunday's exercise was a lot more entertaining...I played my first lacrosse game in over a year. I woke up so so so sore this morning. That's the sign of a good game.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Box O' Nerd

Wow, I've been slacking in the blogging arena.

I have a new schedule at work which affords me a couple days off here and there, so this week I've thrown myself headfirst into some projects around the house.

I've also been able to get my runs and workouts finished before noon! Oh, what a feeling.

Today the track at the park was really crowded, so I grabbed my stick and headed over to the lacrosse field to shoot on a goal for a while.

And then on the way home I kept giggling repeating the phrase "laCROSSe training."

Here's my week so far:
Sunday: Speed work, 5 x 400
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: 4 mile tempo
Wednesday: 30 minutes elliptical
Thursday: 1 mile warm-up, 45 minutes lacrosse shooting

Oh, and there's also been a lot of this:

One of my coworkers (a former law student) gave me what I am affectionately referring to as a "Box o' Nerd."

It's a huge box filled with law school related materials.

I haven't touched most of it, but I am thumbing through all the articles on essay exams and general "how to not embarrass yourself as a 1L" stuff.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Speedy post

Here's a quick post about SPEED WORKOUTS...

Here are my stats (these are 400m laps):

- 1:50 (7:23/mile)
- 1:58 (8:01/mile)
- 1:40 (6:42/mile)
- 1:50 (7:23/mile)
- 1:42 (6:44/mile)

Still getting a hang of speed work...after my first lap I realized I was going too fast, so I tried to keep it consistent at a 8:00/mile pace.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Dream Sheet

The results from the Hatfield McCoy Marathon were posted and LO AND BEHOLD I came in 6th in my age group...out of 7 runners.

I said to Hubs, "I came in second to last in my age group."

To which he exuberantly replied, "YOU BEAT SOMEONE!"

Ah, the optimism of Hubs.

That's a good crew chief/grilled cheese maker/husband for ya.

Now that I've sufficiently buttered him up, moving on to my marathon dream sheet -- races on my "must-do" list (Hubs is shaking his head):

1) Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon
If this race were a tagline for an action movie, it would be "This's about REDEMPTION." I ran the half this past April and it was the most unpleasant of my race experiences. It was hot, runners were fact I've yet to hear a positive race report from anyone I know. I'd like a chance to redeem myself (I think we all would).

2) Rock n' Roll Arizona Marathon
The Rock n' Roll marathons have a reputation of being fun and "runner friendly." Plus one of my BFFs lives in Phoenix now, so I love to work in a mini-vacation to see her too!

4) Kiawah Island Marathon
Sigh...I love Charleston, I love Kiawah. Why not? Trying to talk my Mom into doing this one with me in 2010.

5) Valley of Fire Marathon
This is a challenging, small-town race in the same vein as Hatfield McCoy. It's also a GORGEOUS might not be a possibility for the next couple of years but it's definitely my ultimate "dream" marathon.

(Hubs is now furiously writing an email explaining why we can't spend any more money on marathons and traveling to marathons).

Don't worry, Hubs...I'm just daydreaming about blisters and GUs.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So, what now?

I guess everyone goes through the post-marathon "NOW WHAT" phase.

I kind of love it...of course I want to do another marathon (probably KDF in April) but I also like the "no pressure" running I get to do now.

Well, for the most part.

My next race is the Bluegrass 10K on July 4th and I'd like to set a new PR. I guess that means tempos runs and track workouts, neither of which I really bothered with while marathon training.

Here's my tentative 10k training schedule:

Monday- 3 miles
Tuesday- Mid-distance runs (4-6 miles)
Wednesday- Tempo runs / Speed workouts

Thursday- 3 miles
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Long runs (6+)
Sunday- Cross training

You'll notice my "long" runs aren't really that long and that's simply because I don't need to run 12 miles to get ready for a 10k in July. But I probably will.

If the sun comes out I will try to run an easy 3 miles this afternoon.

As for the long term plan, I'd like to run the Louisville Half Marathon in October, KDF Marathon in April and return to West Virginia for the Hatfield McCoy Marathon next year.

I've got a fever...and the only more cowbell marathon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marathon Feet and other ailments

Warning: this is sort of gross.

Before the marathon I taped up both of my big toes with blister pads...

So much for preventative measures.

I actually think the blister pads encouraged the blisters to form. That and when I accidentally dumped a cup of water on my shoes at mile 5.

Around mile 18 I was thinking, " toes are feeling a little sore."

By the time I finished I was afraid to take my shoes off...when I did, THERE THEY WERE. My big toes had alien blisters attached to them.

I don't know how you all are, but I prefer a direct and aggressive approach to dealing with in...popping them as soon as I can get to a bathroom. Gross, I know.

So now I have this to deal with:

I know, I know...I should let them "breathe." But I'm afraid if I do that they will destroy Tokyo.

Also, three toenails are about to make a break for it. The big'uns for sure, but today I noticed one of the ancillary toenails was looking a little blueish.

I'm a lot more mobile today than I was yesterday...I still go back and forth between a low-impact shuffle to a weird little high-step when I try to force my legs to "walk normally."

My boss, who owns horses, said I looked like I had a "hitch in my giddy-up."

I said "Thanks!" and she said she meant I looked a little lame. Oh, right.

In other gross post-race news, I am happy to report that I chaffed like a real life marathon runner...a little around my neck from my sports bra, but the worst of it is under my arm pits.


I'm back in the saddle (enough with the horse metaphors) tonight at the gym-- probably planted on the stationary bike.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hatfield McCoy Marathon Race Report


Now THAT...was fun.

(And sorry in advance for any grammatical or spelling errors...even my fingers are sore today.)

The Hatfield McCoy Marathon was an incredible race. The volunteers were friendly, the course was beautiful and the overall experience was just plain FUN.

So let's start at the beginning...

Got to the hotel and laid all my gear out on the bed.

I overpacked, but better safe than sorry. I think I brought 12 GU's and 10 Shot Blox. I ended up carrying 12 Endurolyte tablets, 3 packs of GU and 6 Shot Blox in my SPI belt (it was filled to capacity).

The race started at the Food City in Goody, Kentucky. I was so nervous, but I tried to stay loose. It was a "small" race; someone mentioned maybe 500 participants (most of whom ran the half).

Each runner was put on a "team" to represent one of the feudin' families: I was a McCoy...

...but I still got a picture with Devil Hatfield.

Oh, we were in the MOUNTAINS. I mentioned this was my first marathon and one of the locals teased me about making it over Blackberry Mountain. I tried to mentally prepare for the worst.

After a literal shot-gun start we were off...I was running my first marathon!

We followed the blue "Hillbilly footprints" along the course. This race was very low-tech, and I loved it.

Miles 1-6:

I shook off the nerves early, and tried to focus on a slow starting pace. My Garmin told me I was chugging along at 10:30ish/mile, and I was happy with that. People were flying past me...but I didn't care. This was my first marathon and I wanted to FINISH it.

My hydration strategy was simple: walk through the water stops, take GUs/endurolytes every 5 miles.

The water-stops were was a contest amongst the volunteers. The first one had a group of elementary aged kids dressed as angels with the "Hallelujah Chorus" playing on a boom-box. Do you think you'd see that at big city marathon?

Feeling good...talking to some runners but mostly eavesdropping. I can spot most of the half-marathoners because they aren't carrying GU and they are pushing the pace.

Mile 7-13

The infamous Blackberry was steep and long; a mile climb actually. I tried to keep my strides short.

I could feel my pace slipping, but I didn't care.

The ride DOWN the mountain was pretty wild. I bid a fond farewell to my toenails and tried not to fall on my face as I zoomed down.

Hubs snapped some great pictures
of the scenery while he waited for me at the half-way point.

The half-marathon ended in Matewan, West Virginia. I ran with two women for a while, Tracy and Christy, who were running the half and ecstatic to be finished. They wished me luck on the rest of the race.

I really wasn't bothered to pass the half-marathon finish and see everyone done and wearing their medals. I never had the urge to just quit at the half. I was too busy celebrating reaching my half-way point!

Only 13 more miles to go!

There I go! Bring it on!

Mile 14-19:
Things got a little wild after the half.

We abandoned the roads and started down a narrow street that became a gravel path that became a washed-out trail. It had rained the night before and the trail was covered in mud.

I had to slow down and watch where I was placing my foot...and dang, it was slippery!

The second half of the marathon was really unique because I felt like I was running by myself...usually there was a runner about 100 yards in front and behind me, but I'd lose sight of them on the country roads.

But the volunteers were amazing so I was never worried about hurting myself or needing help. One man even checked up on us via ATV on the trail.

At Mile 18 we popped back out onto a golf course and ran over a swinging wooden bridge. Again, you wouldn't see stuff like this at a big marathon.

They were handing out leis at the next water-stop, so I thought "Why not?" This is MY marathon...I can wear a lei if I want to!

As I came over the hill towards mile marker 19, I noticed Hubs and my parents were waiting for me! I hadn't seen a single spectator on the course and THERE THEY WERE!

It was a great boost...I gave some sweaty hugs and told them I'd see them at the finish!

Mile 20-26

Y'all want to hear about "the wall?"

Well, I never hit "the wall."

I decided before the race to implement scheduled walk breaks in the later miles to avoid bonking. Basically, I wanted to walk so I could run.

I never walked more than .2 a mile at a time, and I kept my pace above 14 min/mile when walking (and I pumped my arms like a power-walker too).

As a result, my legs felt as fresh as ever when I started to run. I was running 10:30 min/miles again! At mile 24!

I NEVER had a "I hate this" moment. I NEVER regretted signing up for the marathon. I NEVER wanted to quit.

Sure, everything hurt but I expected that...I didn't expect to enjoy myself the entire time.

Mile .2:

Another bonus of a small town race?

Running the last .2 by yourself, down the a city street with the entire town cheering for you. Talk about worth the effort!

I gave Devil Hatfield and Ranel McCoy a high-five and I was a marathoner

5:25:07 clock time (my secret goal was sub 5:30!)

So there's the report...I will probably be posting more about this marathon because I just loved it to pieces.

My first marathon is in the books, and I must say...I may have set the bar too high. It will be hard to find a marathon that was as fun as this one.

And holy crap, I am sore.

Friday, June 12, 2009

24 hours...

" Your biggest challenge isn't someone else. It's the aching in your lungs and the burning in your legs, and a little voice inside you that yells "can't". But you don't listen, you just push harder and then you hear a voice whisper "can" and you realize the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are."

"No testing has overtaken you that is not common to everyone. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength, but with the testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it."
- 1 Corinthians 10:13

Thanks again for all the encouragement and support!

Talk to you soon, have a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Convo with the Bestie about Cycling


Another double-post! Egads!

Anyway...I was chatting with my BFF on instant messenger about volunteering at the Louisville Ironman.

She's a cycling junkie, so started asking her questions about cycling etiquette, rules of the road, etc.

The resulting conversation, in all its un-spell-checked glory:

Brittany says:
how fast are they going when they [cyclists] come down a hill?

Brittany says:
like a medium sized hill

Casey says:
top speeds on big hills are like 60-70

Casey says:
in races

Casey says:
so on a med hill

Casey says:
just riding for fun or whatever, probably 30ish

Brittany says:

Brittany says:
so if someone [cyclist] hits me, say clips me in the leg

Brittany says:
at 30 mph

Casey says:
you would die

Brittany says:
in my leg?!

Casey says:
i dont make the rules.

Brittany says:
ok, but say they get tossed from the bike...head over handlebars straight up tossed

Casey says:
and then you get into a fight?

Brittany says:
...this is why we are friends

Brittany says:
yes, who wins in the resulting fight?

Casey says:
well you may have a broken leg

Casey says:
but they could have any number of broken things

Casey says:
and you could still lift up the bike to hit them

Casey says:

Brittany says:
yeah, i would have position on the bike

Brittany says:
this is blog worthy

Casey says:
everything we say is blog worthy


FYI-- I'm totally safe on the roads and respectful of cyclists. I've never had a problem with them and I don't expect I will.

My friends and I can (and often do) debate stuff like this for HOURS. Though typically the fictional match-ups involve T-1000, Batman and Predator.


A critical step in race prep...polishing up the ol' playlist.

Chances are I won't listen to music for most of the race, but I wanted to have an hour or two of POWER SONGS just in case.

I'd like to think that I won't activate the POWER SONGS until mile 20, but I'll have them ready to roll.

Some of my favorite POWER SONGS:

"Diva"- Beyonce
"Gun Powder and Lead"- Miranda Lambert
"Head Bust"- Shark City Click
"Love Game"- Lady GaGa
"Rock Me In"- Brit Brit Spears
"Sweeeeeeeeeet Emooooootion" - Aerosmith
"How I Could Just Kill a Man"- Rage Against the Machine
"Bombtrack"- RATM
"Bulls on Parade"- RATM
"She's Country"- Jason Aldean
"Fortunate Son"- CCR
"Fuel"- Metallica (quite possibly the most POWERFUL of the POWER SONGS?)

These are the essentials. The rest of the playlist will likely consist of Pitbull, Rage Against the Machine and the Fast and Furious soundtrack (which is mostly Pitbull).

But what about that last mile, when I need to start my mental celebration?

Check out some of my LAST MILE SONGS:

"Big Time"- Big and Rich
"Down"- Chris Brown*
"Southern Cross"- Jimmy Buffett
"Piece of Work"- Jimmy Buffett

*I still listen to Chris Brown. Sue me.

There you have it, my POWER SONGS.

Not sure when I'll actually plug-in, but I'll have the iPod on standby.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey! You there!

I hate double posting, but I had to share some beautiful artwork with the blog world today:

This is my APB to any "lurkers" out there who may be running the Hatfield McCoy Marathon...

If you see me at the start line, on the course, laying on the side of the road...please come say "HI!" to me!

I'm generally pleasant in person and would love to make some new runner friends.

Here's a composite sketch of BB on race day so you can find me:

I call my special marathon outfit "The Johnny Cash." I'll be rocking the visor with my 'fro tied up in double-buns. On a good day it's very Minnie-Mouse; bad day it's Princess Leia.

Anyway, shout me a holler if you see would make my day!

Born to run?

After watching the NOVA Marathon Challenge (thanks, Jake!) I'm taking away some interesting points:

Are humans born to run?

We have...
-Springy arch of the human foot
-Hairless skin
-Abundant sweat glands provide exceptional cooling
-Large muscular butts that prevent humans from tipping forward while running

We're not necessarily built for "speed"; sometimes squirrels can out-race us...but in a warm climate over distance, we can outrun dogs, antelope and even horses (which would all overheat).

This series also illustrates the devastation of injury during training. I'm happy to report that as of my afternoon run yesterday, all tightness and pain in my calf and shin are gone.

It's a marathon miracle...

Here's hoping my luck holds up!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mind Boggle

The Five Stages of Pre-Marathon Mind Boggle:

"A marathon? No problem. That won't be hard at all."


"I can always just run the half..."

"Why bother running?"

"I'm running a marathon on Saturday."

I'm definitely a Stage-Fiver at this point.

Right now I'm too caught up in the little details (Which pair of socks should I wear? What kind of bandaids should I pack? How many chicken nuggets can I fit into my mouth afterwards?) to worry about the race itself.

Speaking of mind boggling, my new Garmin is AMAZING. I always knew I was slow, but now I have a tool to tell me just how slow I am!

The heart rate data is especially interesting...after a run I can go back and see why my heart felt like it was about to explode at that hill at mile 2...

...oh, because it almost did! Technology is wonderful.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 1 Year!

Yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary!

At the church...

The Mellwood Art Center...(such a neat place)

Our cake was a little frozen, but still pretty good!

Hubs spoiled me with a new tote for law school and lunch out. We also got one of those single serving coffee makers from my parents, which is pretty awesome.

It was a great day!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Toy

I went a little crazy with the Running Times Calculator...

Potential marathon times based on previous races:

Race / Time = Equivalent Marathon Time / Pace
5k (28:18) = 4:36:41, 10:33/mile
10k (58:38) = 4:35:11, 10:30/mile
10 miler (January- 1:51:36) = 5:16:04, 12:03/mile
10 miler (April-1:40:18) = 4:44:05, 10:50/mile
Half marathon (2:28:07) = 5:10:07, 11:50/mile
20 miler (training run- 3:30:00**) = 4:42:48, 10:47/mile

**I added some extra time to account for the water stops on race day**

Another way to predict your time is to take your 10k and multiply it by 4.65:

58:38 x 4.65 = 4:54:38 marathon (272.6 minutes)

I like what I'm some sub 5:00:00's in there! To set goals or not set goals, that is the question?

And now I have a way to keep track of my pace...


My parent's gave me a brand, spankin' new Garmin Forerunner 305 as an early birthday present...they wanted me to have it for my marathon!

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I'm going to give it a whirl this afternoon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Hills

My half marathon experience still lingers in the back of my mind...I did so many things wrong at that iPod, no gels or blox, cotton shirt (last minute wardrobe emergency).

Oh, and not to mention the intense and unexpected HEAT.

Since then I've been training in the heat and been smart about my race fueling.

I've also worked the hills like crazy!

Here's the elevation map for my 15 miler:

All of my "long" runs (8+) are based on this route. FLAT is not a term in my training repertoire.

Which is good, when you consider THIS:

Hatfield/McCoy Elevation

Kentucky Derby Festival Elevation

Behold, dear bloggies! The Hatfield/McCoy Marathon elevation map on top, KDF Marathon with the park hills on bottom for a little compare and contrast.

I didn't have the privilege of running the second set of park hills at the KDF (I was a left-turner)...and I'm glad I didn't have to do that.

But hey, let's focus on the race at hand...check out Blackberry Mountain at mile 4-7!

This is one of the staples of this race and I will treat it with the utmost respect. Not gonna mess around with that's like a seismic blip!

(But word on the street is the little roller at mile 23 is the real killer)

Goody, goody!

Thursday mish-mash

I woke up this morning with about 5 different things I wanted to blog about swirling around in my noggin, so you'll get a little bit of everything this morning!


I hit the gym and ran 3.5 miles in honor of National Running Day. I still think I'm tapering "too much" but I don't want to take a chances with my wonky calf.

Has anyone ever gotten a sports massage after a race or hard run? Was there a lot of screaming involved?


I was in Target when I heard a mother and her two sons blabbering in the aisle next to me. The oldest son (about 10) held up a shirt and asked "THIS is an extra-small? It's huge!"

To which to mother replied, "Well, America's FAT."

I was absolutely incensed. For two reasons...

1) This woman is no brilliant social-scientist, making an original or groundbreaking assertion in the racks of target. No, no...she probably just watched a Dateline episode entitled "America is FAT." I half expected her to turn to me and shout "GO GREEN! ECONOMIC DOWNTURN! BRANGELINA!"

2) Now her son is going to go to school, find the chubby kid and execute the use of this phrase in the ugliest way possible.

That's all I've got...just a case for sterilization by the clearance rack.


Speaking of Brangelina, they didn't break up. The world can keep a'spinning!


I think I need this for law school:


Happy Thursday! (it's almost Friday)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National Running Day

Whadda ya know, it's National Running Day!

So, get out and RUN!

Just a trip around the block, whatever never know, it may be the start of a blog-inducing addiction to running :)

Unrelated: I joined Twitter...I don't Tweet, I just look at Tweets? Listen to Tweets?! Whatever...anyway, I'm now following Levar Burton and the entire cast of the Hills.

And I'm dumber for it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still talking about gels...

I went to the Trail Store for the first time to pick up some Endurolytes and Recoverite for the big day...loved that place!

I'm still trying to get a handle on how many gels/blox I should put away during the marathon.

Here's a sampling of opinions on the matter:
- 1 per hour
- 1 at mile 6, 12, 18 and 24 (or 5, 10, 15, 20, 24)
- 1 every 12 minutes (the Lance Armstrong method)

I've got an iron stomach when it comes to gels, but I think that 1 every 12 minutes would make me throw up fo' sho'.

No matter what schedule I settle on, there's no way I can carry all of this stuff with me. My SPI belt is handy, but if you load it down too much it bounces (and looks like a fanny pack).

I guess I'll just have to rely on my pit crew (Hubs, Mom and Dad) to hook me up during the race.

Speaking of which, I'm still looking for an Official Hair Braider to join my crew. Must have experience with unruly hair. Let me know.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I ran 8 miles on Saturday and then 4 miles on Sunday.

I'm really starting to like this taper thing!

Now the nerves are starting to kick in...5+ hours is a long time to do anything, let alone run through the West Virginia mountains.

I'm planning on walking through each (and EVERY) water stop to give my legs a break. There will be 25 water stations (approx. 1 every mile) so when things get crazy I can tell myself: "Only 10-12 minutes of running and then a little break."

I have a feeling that will become my race mantra.


I'm still undecided on race fuel...I like Shot Blox (tasty, easy to carry) but I get a bigger "boost" from PowerBar Gels.

I also get disgusting jam hands after I eat one, which drives me crazy.

And what should I do about my salt intake/anti-cramping measures? Grab some packets from Wendy's for mile 20, or spring for the Endurolytes?

Here are some Endurolyte facts from the Hammer Nutrition website:

Use prior to, during, and after workouts to satisfy the body's electrolyte requirements with maximum precision.

Mixing / Usage:
Instructions: Use as needed but primarily when:

1. Exercise lasts for more than 2 hours, regardless of temperature or humidity.

2. Exercise lasts less than 2 hours and:
- Temperature is above 80 degrees and/or 70% humidityor
- Temperature and humidity is 10 degrees or more above what you are accustomed to

1-3 capsules 30-60 minutes prior to exercise

1-6 capsules each hour during exercise

1-3 capsules after exercise

Ugh. Running and math.

But considering I took the time to blog about it, I'm probably going to invest in some Endurolytes.

Friday, May 29, 2009

College Flashback (a boring one)

Two weeks out...time to taper.

For tomorrow, I know I'll be running between 5-10 miles. I'd really like to run 12, but that all depends on when I wake up. Lazy, lazy.


In other news, I got my first Admitted Student newsletter from my law school and my first reaction to reading it was "Law school is hard already."

Apparently, some students have been hounding the dean for reading lists for the semester so they can get a "head start" on driving me crazy the required reading.

And you know all those gunners will totally be in my section.

I was an English major, so I have a tiny bit of experience with these types. A college literature classes is a true breeding ground for insufferable know-it-alls...

Now I'm having PTSD style flashbacks...the never-ending hand raising...the arguing with the professor...the frequent and incorrect use of the word "dichotomy"...the stench of pretension...

But thanks to those students (and years of practice) I can pull off a really impressive eye-roll. It can give you whiplash.

I remember sitting in my Gothic Literature class the day after the presidential election (in 2004) and listening to my professor and his minions (aka my peers) whine whine WHINE about the outcome of the election and I completely SNAPPED.

I wasn't making a political statement, I just didn't want to talk about the election in my literature class.

I don't remember my exact tirade, but I basically said that this "debate" was self-serving, inappropriate and idiotic. It was encroaching on class time. It had nothing to do with Poe or Billy Budd the Sailor. And it was making the rest of the class uncomfortable.

One girl spun around in her seat to make her appeal, saying "I just have a problem with--"

And I replied "I just have a problem with you cutting me off."

That pretty much squashed it. The professor apologized and class resumed.

Jokes on me though; he gave me B in the class.

Oh well, it was TOTALLY worth it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tiny Arms and the Return of Lacrosse

My upper-body strength is hilarious.

I can do four push-ups. Period. In any amount of time...45 seconds, one doesn't matter. And Hubs says I'm probably not even doing them correctly.

Thanks to years of lacrosse, I have tiny forearms and awkwardly large biceps/triceps.

Like this:

Or this:

So last week I implemented an upper-body strength training routine into my cross- training days at the gym.

I focused on exercises that will increase my push-up total:
- Tricep Press: 3 sets of 10
- Shoulder Press: 5 sets of 10
- Fly: 3 sets of 10
- Back extensions: 5 sets of 10

I know that Hubs is probably shaking his head as he reads this, because I probably did too many or too little sets with too much or too little weight...

But I didn't hurt myself or get my hair caught in a machine, so I'm marking down this workout in the WIN column.

SPEAKING of lacrosse, I signed up for summer league! I'm pretty pumped, except I can't find my cleats and they probably smell like 4 years of use + 2 years of stagnancy if they ever turn up. Maybe they are better off lost.

Also my first game is two days after my marathon.

Yup. Take that, body!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AM Runner Envy

Morning Routine:

- Wake up after Hubs
- Threaten to call in sick to work
- Shuffle into bathroom to take shower, get dressed
- Gracie Lou (aka The Destroyer) wakes up, comes into our room
- Hubs leaves for work
- Gracie steals socks from clean laundry, curls up in ball on bed to nap
- Breakfast
- Brush teeth; dog senses a threat to her comfort
- Chase Gracie around the bed as she tries to avoid going to her crate
- Dog escapes; curls up in ball on couch to nap
- Catch dog, who goes dead-weight as I try to carry her
- Crate Dog
- Go to work

"Go away, BB...I iz jus fine rite herr."

I read about people getting 4-5 miles runs in before they go to work and I really am jealous of those AM runners.

Not that my routine is especially tense or busy (it's not at all), I just can't make myself workout in the morning.

Ugh...but I really should. It's getting too hot to run in the afternoon.

4 miles yesterday at the park seriously felt like 20. I was tired the entire time.

And I would give my right leg to make my left leg stop hurting. Think about THAT for a while.

Is this training burn-out normal?

When am I supposed to get excited again?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holiday Weekend Notes

- Rule of thumb: if you want to complete a double-digit mileage run, you must start your run before the clock gets into the double digits...

- Terminator: Salvation is pretty good and VERY loud

- Star Trek is EPIC...even for non-trekkies

- Hubs and I still have 43 hot-dogs left over in the fridge

Friday, May 22, 2009

Clean up in aisle 5

***Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers: Will the owner of the Swamp Beast wandering through the snack aisle please report to the customer service counter.***

My dinky 4 mile run yesterday was disgustingly was 80 degrees but the pavement felt SO MUCH HOTTER after baking in the sun all day.

I was a mess. Afterwards I changed out of my sweaty clothes and went to Wal-Mart to run some last minute errands.

I guess I hadn't sufficiently "cooled down" because I ended up sweating through my fresh t-shirt at Wal-Mart.

And I never thought I could embarrass myself at Wal-Mart.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. I plan on eating my weight in hotdogs and maybe getting a double-digit run in tomorrow morning.

Have a good one!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marathon Fuzzies

Just when a tinge of burnout begins to set in, something happens to get my excited about running again.

In this case it was an email from the Hatfield/McCoy race director.

Nothing too exciting...he was just introducing participants to the new "Rooms for Runners" program. Basically, the Reunion Festival and Marathon draw HUGE numbers (compared to the size of the surrounding towns) and hotel rooms become scarce for the runners.

This year the locals are opening their doors and allowing runners to essentially bunk-up for the race.

Now I knew that this race had a reputation of having wonderful community support, but this...this is just awesome.

This is exactly what I want for my first marathon: warm and fuzzies.

Just check out some of the reviews on Marathon Guide here. It's a love-fest!

It's also good to know that if I can't get an extended check-out at the hotel, someone may let me use their bathroom to shower.

Gotta love small towns.

This is the Hatfield Posse, fixin to stir up some trouble.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love/Hate: Technology


Love: I work at a software development firm, so naturally I love technology. I love that I can blog. I love that I can download music on my computer. I love that I can whip out my Blackberry and google the name of the guy from "No Country for Old Men" (Javier Bardem) on a whim.

Hate: I work at a software development a non-technical capacity. So when technology goes wrong, I'm dead in the water. Take yesterday for example: it was supposed to be my peaceful work from home quickly turned into telecommuting from HELL. I would lose my connection every three minutes or so, forcing me to sign BACK on over and over and over and over...

It took me two whole days to feel "recovered" from the 20 miler on Sunday. Monday night was dedicated to stretching only, and I think that helped quite a bit.

Leading up to my last big run I did more cross-training than actual running during the week. So it's back in the saddle for mid-week runs, I suppose...
In other news...

Some of you may know that Hubs and I are mega-Kentucky Basketball fans. Yes, the crazy ones. It's our alma mater, but during our tenure in Lexington the program suffered its biggest slump in recent memory.

But now...NOW MY FRIENDS we have the #1 recruiting class in the nation and then of course there's all the buzz about this.

It's a good day to be a Wildcat.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My spirit animal must be a Great Pyrenees

I did it...20 miles...only one more distance PR to set.

It was a perfect day for a run. I ran down my usual country roads and did 2 out and backs and a loop to make it to 20.

The hills never stopped coming. I can think of two flat stretches at mile 4 and 15, but that was it. After 10 miles you just expect hills and get used to them.

Overall, it was an eventful run. The scenery was beautiful and very peaceful. I passed the Women's Prison, which is always interesting. And I saw one of these:

From a distance I thought it was a pony. When I got closer, I decided it was a domestic polar bear.

I thought I was delusional-- finally, the distance was getting to me.

And then I finally realized it was just the BIGGEST DOG I've ever encountered. Seriously, massive.

I incorporated walk/stretch breaks after mile 16, which (aside from marrying Hubs) was the best decision I've EVER MADE. I found myself running stronger and faster after each break, and the result was a faster-than-usual average pace for me.

Here's a look at my run by the numbers:

-Distance: 20 miles
- Time: approx. 3:15:00
- Pace: 9:45/mile (see what I mean!)
- Ounces of water consumed: 50 (1.5 liters)
- GU packs: 2
- Counties covered: 3
- Silent prayers: 12
- Audible prayers: 2


Two MAJOR things I noticed after hitting the 20 mark:

1) Complete exhaustion. I almost fell asleep in the shower and I'm still feeling it today.

2) Total body soreness. Not just my lower body-- my back and core hurt too.

The worst part of the run yesterday was when I was done, I was DONE. Nothing left in the tank.

This tells me that walk and stretch breaks must begin in the early miles of the marathon.

Now, excuse me while I rest my head on my desk for an hour or two.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

20 miler done...nighty night



I learned a lot, and I will expound upon these lessons when I'm not literally dosing off everytime I blink.

Over and OUT.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday Month

My birthday is in mid-July.

I'm also an only child, so I typically declare ALL of July "Birthday Month."

It's never too early to start up the WISH LIST!

-Garmin Forerunner 305: I've heard great, wonderful, magical things about the 305. I've also heard that the newer 405 version is hard to operate when sweaty. That would be a major problem for me. This bad boy is at the top of the list.

- Gracie Gear Long Tank: I really love the concept of Gracie can never have too many pockets! And the tank doesn't ride up on you while you run, an issue I have with most tank tops.

- Nike Tempo Shorts: MORE! MOOOOOOOOOORE! I have the plain black and the blue/black pair...I love them. Love love love them. They were on "sale" a couple weeks ago and I agonized in the store for an hour on whether to buy another pair or wait to put them on the wish list. It took a great deal of self restraint...but here it is on the list.


I'm going to attempt my first 20-miler this weekend. The forecast looks rainy for Saturday, but Sunday is pretty clear.

I'm strangely calm about it. No sense getting all worked up.

Run until I'm done, that's my plan.

Anyone out there done 20+? As always, I'm open to suggestions!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's talk about Lost, baby.

Time to talk LOST season 5 finale...if you haven't seen it, I might spoil it for you-- so proceed with caution.

Ok, all you Losties out there--what did you think?

I kind of, sort of loved it.

Here's my list of favorite finale moments and random thoughts:

5) Rose and Bernard's island paradise: I think this was the best possible wrap-up to their story. I'm also assuming that they were the "Adam and Eve" skeletons that Kate and co. found in the cave in season one.

4) Is Juliet really dead? If Jules is dead so is Kate, Sawyer and Jack because that would mean the bomb just plain exploded instead of pulling a cosmic CTRL-ALT-Delete, right?

3) What lies in the shadow if the statue? Apparently "He who will save us" or "That which will protect us" or "That which will save us" or "He who will protect us." Or any combo thereof. And the statue is Sobek?

2) The Sawyer vs. Jack epic beat-down: Die-hard fans have been waiting for that since season 1... And the good doctor actually held his own!

1) The Jacob Reveal: Thank you, Lost producers, for a) letting Jacob be a real person, b) revealing him to the audience and c) making him kind of creepy. And his final "They're coming..." has to refer to the original losties, jettisoning into present day from the 1970's. Or at least I hope.

I won't address the big LOCKE question because I'm still reeling.

Oh, and if Sayid dies I'll need a new favorite character. This will not stand.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Wednesday

I didn't have any caffeine this morning, so you get THIS CRAPTASTIC POST.

Just a mish-mash of random considerations:

- Just how important are the short/mid-distance runs in a marathon training schedule? I know that every run can't be a "long" run...I also know that I have to keep my overall fitness level up. But if I'm still feeling the proverbial burn from a long weekend run, should I push myself to crank out 5 miles?

- I'm wearing heels to work for the first time in MONTHS and they have somehow cured me of my shin splints...It's a miracle!

- I don't have a Garmin, so I have no idea how long it will take me to run 20 miles. I'm guessing several hours.

- I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to poor grammar, but there is one unforgivable grammar sin in my book: using "apart" vs. "a part" or vice versa. When you use one phrase incorrectly you are actually saying something that is the opposite of what you really mean....

It's like a SUPER HOMONYM but the meanings are OPPOSITES.

Is there a word for that?

Whoa, I had a nerd-blackout moment there. Sorry.

And since I ragged on bad grammar, there will undoubtedly be a hojillion spelling/grammatical errors in this very post.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Cruise Pictures...

Some highlights from the cruise...

Capt. Tony's in Key was originally called Sloppy Joe's and Hemingway hung out there a lot. Some of his writings were found in a back room after he died. When it became Capt. Tony's, a bar down Duval Street changed it's name to Sloppy Joe's to cash in on the legend.

Having a Land Shark at the original Margaritaville! Hoping Jimmy B would show up for an impromtu concert...

Big ol' boat...

Freeport in the Bahamas...very colorful!

The cruise served Corona's in plastic bottles with funnels on the end to make room for the limes. We kept them and packed them home with us.

I don't feel like fighting with the blogger picture uploader right now, so I'll throw in some more cruise pictures later.

I contemplating getting my 20 miler in this weekend. The cruise set me back a little, and I want ample time to taper.

I never realized how far 20 miles is until I tried to map out a 20 mile running route. Yikes.