Monday, August 3, 2009

New Feet

I took the plunge..

And bought a pair of Vibram Fivefingers KSOs.

Let's get the FAQs out of the way...

- Yes, I run in these.
- Yes, I can run on the road and gravel.
- Yes, I can run for "long" distances.
- No, they aren't water shoes (but they can be).
- No, they don't slow me down.

The Fivefingers replicate the sensation of barefoot running and allow the body to run as biomechanically "correct" as possible.

Ever since I started wearing my KSOs, my runner's knee pain has completely subsided. I also feel "lighter" without my Brooks weighing me down.

It takes a couple of runs to toughen up your feet (heels especially), but I'll take a couple of blisters over knee or hip pain any day.

Trail running is especially exciting in these babies...they let your toes grip on the roots and rocks as you hop through the woods.

I know that most runners I encounter think I'm nuts, but hey-- to each his own. I just call them Hybrids for my feet.


  1. Can't wait to read more on your experience with them. I'm feeling a world of hurt from my freebie lab rat shoes, over-cushioned and mushy. Do those come in wide sizes?

  2. There is no way I could run in those!! I'd probably trip over my own feet!

  3. Lenore-- not sure if they do, but their sizing is kind of funny. It's based on toe size, and I have MASSIVE big toes, but they fit really well!

    Shannon-- it's just like running barefoot! If feel like a kid again :)


    Where did you purchase them? Cost?

  5. I got them at this place called The Trail Store in Louisville and they were $90 including tax and all that jazz. I think there are other "models" that are cheaper, but these felt the best!

  6. Darn! None of my approaching journeys take me close enough to Louisville ... Grayson, KY is as close as I'll get. I like the Injinji toe socks. Can you wear toe socks with them? In three weeks, I have a marathon near NYC. It's a multi-loop course ... perfect for trying new stuff out. If it doesn't work, the next pit stop is less than three miles away!

    Anyone know of any retailers that carry them in VA, WV, OH, PA, NY, or MI?

  7. I'm about 90% on the "Heading there today to try these out at The Trail Store". I have a few more weeks before I'm finished being a lab rat but I'm willing to try anything at this point to help my form because I'm killing my legs on long runs.

  8. Lenore-- I will run with you when you get them so we can share the funny looks from other runners. It's kind of worth it, though.

  9. ooooo they look so cool. I want to try these

  10. These feel like the "new" crocs to me. Really big for a while and then fades away. I saw someone wearing them a couple of weeks ago and they looked really weird. But I have a strange urge to try them out! It sounds like it's working out for you though.

  11. Yeah, they are great. Crocs...not so much. :)