Sunday, April 26, 2009

KDF Mini Marathon Race Report

If yesterday's race was an episode of "Friends" it would be called "The One that Was Really Hot."

Brutally hot, in fact.

Cuz, CuzHubs (her hubby was running the marathon) and myself went to the expo to pick-up or packets.

I have to say...I was impressed! The expo was fantastic!

I met some the cool folks from The Bourbon Chase, and I'll have a post dedicated exclusively to that relay later on in the week.

Me and Cuz striking a pose with the shirts.

I tried to get a free The Stick from these guys. They didn't give me one. They were good, honest salespeople. I really want one of these things. I've commissioned Hubs to make me one. It's a brilliant invention.


I slept surprisingly well and woke up at 5:00 am. I had several mini-breakdowns, refused to do the race at all....Hubs eventually coaxed me into the truck and off we went to pick up Cuz.

Hubs dropped us off right by the start line and after the porta-potty game we got in line.

And they're off!

Right from the get go, something was wonky. I just felt like I couldn't catch my breath. It was 7:30 and already pushing 70 degrees. I tried to suck it up-- still had 13 miles to go.

We got to the park and took on the hills full force. We pumped ourselves up to get through the uphills and kept ourselves in check on the downhills. We took water at every stop and dumped it on our heads. So far so good, right?

At mile 5-6 Cuz got hit with some serious stomach pains. We stopped and stretched, but she told me to keep running and she'd catch up. Our family was there around mile 6 to give us some support, but after that I was on my own.

Aaaaaaallll by myseeeeeeelf, don't wanna be...aaaaaaaalll by myseeeeeelf in the miniiiiiiii...

No iPod. No Cuz. 80 degrees. 7 miles to go.

Ran through Churchill Downs...this is where the heat started to really mess with me mentally. I was drenched in sweat. Sweat was in my eyes. My hair was soaked.

Hit mile 9 as I left the racetrack. I kept telling myself that 4 miles was all I had to do to be done with this mess.

I was looking for a boost here, but it never came.

Instead, I stared down a straight-away to the hazy city skyline in the distance where my finish line was buried. And I realized that four miles is FAR.

Mile 11 was the longest mile of my life. I walked on and off here. Mile 12 wasn't much better. I started thinking about my marathon...ugh, my MARATHON! IN JUNE!

Finally, finally finally I approached the finish line-- with the wind at my back! I almost cried when I saw it...

YES! YES! YES! Can you spot me? I'm in the pink shirt. What's that? Half of the women at the mini marathon were in pink shirts? Huh.

2:28:07...and I'M ALIVE!!!

I grabbed a bagel and shoved it in my mouth. I chugged and two cups of water and went to work on the Powerade. Then I filled my arms with whatever kind of food stuff I could get my grimy hands on .
Hubs found me trapped in the runner's "out-take."

Cuz crossed the finish line not long after me, still plagued with intense stomach pain. She still managed to set a new mini PR.

Toughness is hereditary.

Then we watched CuzHubs finish the marathon. It was amazing to watch the marathoners finish in those conditions. It gave me mixed emotions about my upcoming race in June.

More on my new approach to my marathon later...

I never made it to the beer tent to catch up with the Run the Ville crew-- the crowd of people trying to get in and out of that area was insane!

My shin/calf are pretty sore today, but other than that I'm great. Oh, and I have a monster blister on my toe...I really wish I could post a picture, but I'm afraid you all would throw-up at the sight of this thing. Bleeeeh.

Thanks for all the wonderful support! You guys are the best interweb friends a Slow Runner could have!


  1. Girl you are TOUGH!!!! I would have sat down on the curb and cried. And then waited for someone to come pick me up. Ha!

    What a fabulous race from a toughness aspect, seriously. If you can run in those nasty conditions, you are amazing!

  2. It sounds like a lot of people ran about the same race. It was brutal. If this was August and we had been training in the heat, the conditions wouldn't have been so bad, but the fact remains none of us had a chance to acclimate and it tooks its toll. Great job!!!

  3. Great Job. That heat just wasn't something I was ready for. Like Joe said, if this had been a fall race, and we had just finished training through the summer, it wouldn't have been as bad. You still ran a great race though.

    I've got one of those great toe blisters as well. I think I got it because of getting my shoes soaked running in front of the fire hose, but it felt to good to pass up.

  4. Congrats on finishing! I hate even *walking* in heat, never mind running a mini marathon! And this post is hilarious. I love the "aaaaaallllllll by myseeeeelf" etc.

  5. I've never done a half marathon, but I've done enough running to know that some days are good and some are bad. Some races are good and some are bad. So don't be discouraged about doing the marathon! You made it through this, and that's what counts - you finished!

    Kathleen (

    P.S. I really wish I had my own slow running partner!

  6. Great job!! Really great :) I know how hard it can be to run in conditions like those...way to tough it out!!

    I'm interested to hear about your marathon the last commenter said, don't be discouraged :) I had a rough run this weekend and I know how easy it is to be discouraged, but I have no doubt you will rock the marathon!! Take it easy tomorrow and be proud of yourself!!

  7. Thank you all so much! I needed a boost in confidence after that race, ugh!

    Tom: I saw the hose and almost sprinted through it, and then I thought " feet will be soaked!" I caught a little mist from it though.

    EatingFree: I need your good marathon vibes ASAP!

  8. I had goosebumps reading your account of the race! Wonderful, wonderful! I am inspired.

  9. HUGE congrats on your mini! you are so inspiring, you didn't give up and you PASSED the finishline :) so amazing!!!