Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday Month

My birthday is in mid-July.

I'm also an only child, so I typically declare ALL of July "Birthday Month."

It's never too early to start up the WISH LIST!

-Garmin Forerunner 305: I've heard great, wonderful, magical things about the 305. I've also heard that the newer 405 version is hard to operate when sweaty. That would be a major problem for me. This bad boy is at the top of the list.

- Gracie Gear Long Tank: I really love the concept of Gracie can never have too many pockets! And the tank doesn't ride up on you while you run, an issue I have with most tank tops.

- Nike Tempo Shorts: MORE! MOOOOOOOOOORE! I have the plain black and the blue/black pair...I love them. Love love love them. They were on "sale" a couple weeks ago and I agonized in the store for an hour on whether to buy another pair or wait to put them on the wish list. It took a great deal of self restraint...but here it is on the list.


I'm going to attempt my first 20-miler this weekend. The forecast looks rainy for Saturday, but Sunday is pretty clear.

I'm strangely calm about it. No sense getting all worked up.

Run until I'm done, that's my plan.

Anyone out there done 20+? As always, I'm open to suggestions!


  1. I adooooreee the Tempo shorts, I need more too!!!

    And um, just found out that the hubster bought me the 405 for graduation!! Holy crap! I will do a big post on it once it arrives :) REI was having a huge sale and with the mail in rebate, it was less than $190!

  2. HOLY COW! Way to go Hubs!!! The 405 is much cooler looking than the 305, I just sweat too much :(

  3. 7/17 is mine and all of July is how I celebrate it! I found the Garmin 305 cheaper than the older 205. I wear a wrist sweat band under it because the watch rubs against a bone but other than that, it's great. Maybe Gracie Gear can give you a discount for giving them clicky props?

  4. Hubs is 7/17! Mine is 7/15! I love summer birthdays...

    Thanks for the sweat band tip-- good to know! And yes, Gracie Gear reps, if you are out there-- hook a sister up!

  5. I'm getting you skattles for your birthday, whether they're on the list or not.

  6. Hmmm...skattles...Pahmela...chaps.

  7. If the HR monitor isn't a must-have, I suggest going with the 205. It's $140ish with free shipping on It will change how you train. I wasn't a believer until I got mine but you will see soon. You will never want to run without it again.

  8. I'm on the fence about the HR monitor...I think it would be interesting to look at that data, but I'm not sure it would be critical.

  9. hey, just found your blog...good luck with the 20 miler! you will do great.

  10. The 205 if the same as the 305 but doesn't include the HR monitor. Some people say the 305 connects faster but my 205 connects just fine. The only difference to me is one is blue and one is red. Considering you're a fan of the team that plays in Corrupt Arena, you might want to consider the 205(blue). hahahahaha! I find the HR monitor to be annoying so I went with the 205.

  11. Oh, good call Joe...I'll be looking at the 205 as well. I probably would never wear the HR monitor anyway.

    Also, numberonerecruitingclass say "what?"

  12. I love your wishlist...I want a Garmin and some Gracie's Gear, too! I hope you get what you're hoping for!
    BEST of luck with the 20 miler this weekend. You are a rockstar, lady. I don't know how you do it. Take it easy on yourself and let us know how it goes!

  13. The first post of yours I read was one making fun of runners all decked out in gear, but not out for a real run... XD

  14. WOWZA!!

    love all the wish list stuff. I wish I have already done 20 - but my furthest was 12 and I am hoping to break that shortly. I just kept going- I paced it, didn't feel like I had to go fast "just keep going because I can."

    even if things get heavy we'll all float on alright...

  15. yayyy! my birthday is the 1st of July!! i've never tried on tempo shorts, but i hear theyre AMAZING! i need some pronto!!! im also lovin the garmin too, crossing my fingers for one!