Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey! You there!

I hate double posting, but I had to share some beautiful artwork with the blog world today:

This is my APB to any "lurkers" out there who may be running the Hatfield McCoy Marathon...

If you see me at the start line, on the course, laying on the side of the road...please come say "HI!" to me!

I'm generally pleasant in person and would love to make some new runner friends.

Here's a composite sketch of BB on race day so you can find me:

I call my special marathon outfit "The Johnny Cash." I'll be rocking the visor with my 'fro tied up in double-buns. On a good day it's very Minnie-Mouse; bad day it's Princess Leia.

Anyway, shout me a holler if you see would make my day!


  1. I just snorted water up into my sinus cavities while reading this post. I hate you for that.

    That is such a cute drawing! I am so freakin' excited for you!!! You must post ASAP. Or you know, when your body allows you to slowly crawl/slither/roll to the computer :)

  2. Ouch...sorry for the snort.

    I'll post as SOON as I' sho'!

  3. As my child would say when she was young, you look like you're wearing cloud shoes. May they stay fresh and supportive through the whole race!

  4. Hey! You there! Hey! You there, you there! Good luck this weekend. That sketch is pretty spot on. I can totally tell those are nike tempo shorts.


  5. I had it done professionally; I'm glad you recognize the quality.

  6. you are quite teh Vangoe ( Is that how you spell it?)

    GOD LUCK! , and GOOD LUCK too.

    I am not going to be there because I need to find a place to get married!

  7. You are excused...this time.