Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AM Runner Envy

Morning Routine:

- Wake up after Hubs
- Threaten to call in sick to work
- Shuffle into bathroom to take shower, get dressed
- Gracie Lou (aka The Destroyer) wakes up, comes into our room
- Hubs leaves for work
- Gracie steals socks from clean laundry, curls up in ball on bed to nap
- Breakfast
- Brush teeth; dog senses a threat to her comfort
- Chase Gracie around the bed as she tries to avoid going to her crate
- Dog escapes; curls up in ball on couch to nap
- Catch dog, who goes dead-weight as I try to carry her
- Crate Dog
- Go to work

"Go away, BB...I iz jus fine rite herr."

I read about people getting 4-5 miles runs in before they go to work and I really am jealous of those AM runners.

Not that my routine is especially tense or busy (it's not at all), I just can't make myself workout in the morning.

Ugh...but I really should. It's getting too hot to run in the afternoon.

4 miles yesterday at the park seriously felt like 20. I was tired the entire time.

And I would give my right leg to make my left leg stop hurting. Think about THAT for a while.

Is this training burn-out normal?

When am I supposed to get excited again?


  1. its SO normal to get burnt out. take some days off...or run with a friend...or run somewhere new...or watch a movie about running (spirit of the marathon is great)....all of those things get me pumped to run if im feeling out of it.

  2. Great advice-- thank you! It's good to hear that the burnout is normal.

  3. i have always wanted to be a morning runner too! i just feel like i'm not awake enuogh yet, and don't think i can wake up much earlier than i do now... it would be amazing though to get my run out of the way and my day started on the right foot. maybe we CAN be mornign runners :)

  4. I love working out in the morning but its very difficult some days. I usually do good for a week, then not so good for the next 3. I ran yesterday mid-day and the humidity was overwhelming. At 3 miles I felt as if I was going to get sick and thats never happened to me on a run before. That's just more incentive to get my run "did" in the morning.

  5. haha it kills me too as I drive to class with my full belly of oatmeal and seeing runners go by - I think to myself "Good for you" simultaneously as " I am totally running later so don't think you are all that" and " I would probably run faster than you anyway" and then back to " oh they have such motivation to run first thing"

    my leg hurts too- WAAAAH WAAAH! I will give you my good leg so that you may have two working legs.

  6. I really wish I could run in the mornings. It makes such a huge difference for me. But I'm out the door for work by 5:30 a.m. when it's still dark, so it's just not possible. Running after I've been on my feet all day at work in the Houston summer heat is making things so hard!

  7. I have done the morning workout thing a few times. I always feel great the rest of the day, it's just that dragging my sorry butt out of bed early enough to do it that is hard.