Monday, July 6, 2009

Bluegrass 10,000 Race Report

Let's play the "Good News / Bad News" game with the Bluegrass 10K:

Good News: Overcast, cool-ish at the start.

Bad News: It's still July in I was still drenched in sweat. Also, not all runners want to be dosed with a fire hose during the race. I feel like I was dodging the spray every quarter mile.


Good News: Flat and we passed Coach Cal's house!

Bad News: Surprise hill on Richmond road at mile 4-5.


Good News: NEGATIVE SPLITS! Wahoo! I'll post my Garmin times later, but I got faster each mile...Mile 0-1 was 10:09 and Mile 6-finish was 8:44.

Bad News: Way too much yo-yo-ing with my pace for the first 2 miles.


Good News: Technically, it was a 6.3 mile time was 1:00:47.

Bad News: I stopped my Garmin at 6.2 miles (1:00:22), but either way I didn't PR.

Good News: Starting a race with no injuries or pain was a great feeling...

Bad News: Until the knee pain kicks in at mile .5. Brand new, not IT-band related knee pain on my left leg (which I have always considered to be my "good knee")...going get it checked out because I think it may involve my meniscus.

Hubs reasoned that when I ran the Rodes 10k in March, I was in better "training shape" for the distance because of my marathon (then half marathon) training schedule.

I guess he's right...and considering I am coming off of marathon recovery I'm pretty proud of my time.

He's pretty sharp, that Hubs.


  1. Congrats on a good race! It was definitely nice weather-but I was also drenched with sweat by mile 2. I'm not a big fan of the water hoses either - seems like a good way to slip to me! Good luck on your upcoming half in L'ville. I did the full in 2007 - not the greatest experience of my life, but it was still a lot of fun! (see race report on my blog if interested)

  2. Sounds like a great race to me!!

  3. M-- I checked out your race report; that sounds awful :( I guess I better carry water just to be safe!

  4. ooo hope everything checks out with the hurty "good knee"

    congrats on getting through the race during post-marathon recovery though! you are an inspiration.