Monday, June 22, 2009

Speedy post

Here's a quick post about SPEED WORKOUTS...

Here are my stats (these are 400m laps):

- 1:50 (7:23/mile)
- 1:58 (8:01/mile)
- 1:40 (6:42/mile)
- 1:50 (7:23/mile)
- 1:42 (6:44/mile)

Still getting a hang of speed work...after my first lap I realized I was going too fast, so I tried to keep it consistent at a 8:00/mile pace.



  1. I tell anyone just starting very careful not to do too much. Sppedwork can be an injury waiting to happen. I messed my hamstring up last fall doing sppedwork and it still isn't right. Good luck!!!

  2. lol...btw way...its not spped...its SPEED....a typo twice in one post!!! LOL!!! I have the's Monday!

  3. Speedwork is a love hate relationship. I love doing it while I'm doing it because I feel like Sonic the Hedgehog. However, when its done I am ravenous and usually end up being sore or my knee hurting.

    ah well. I haven't run in forever, I feel like I lost a best friend. I am saving up for marathon training later in the year though. I will live vicariously through you.