Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marathon Feet and other ailments

Warning: this is sort of gross.

Before the marathon I taped up both of my big toes with blister pads...

So much for preventative measures.

I actually think the blister pads encouraged the blisters to form. That and when I accidentally dumped a cup of water on my shoes at mile 5.

Around mile 18 I was thinking, "Hmph...my toes are feeling a little sore."

By the time I finished I was afraid to take my shoes off...when I did, THERE THEY WERE. My big toes had alien blisters attached to them.

I don't know how you all are, but I prefer a direct and aggressive approach to dealing with blisters...as in...popping them as soon as I can get to a bathroom. Gross, I know.

So now I have this to deal with:

I know, I know...I should let them "breathe." But I'm afraid if I do that they will destroy Tokyo.

Also, three toenails are about to make a break for it. The big'uns for sure, but today I noticed one of the ancillary toenails was looking a little blueish.

I'm a lot more mobile today than I was yesterday...I still go back and forth between a low-impact shuffle to a weird little high-step when I try to force my legs to "walk normally."

My boss, who owns horses, said I looked like I had a "hitch in my giddy-up."

I said "Thanks!" and she said she meant I looked a little lame. Oh, right.

In other gross post-race news, I am happy to report that I chaffed like a real life marathon runner...a little around my neck from my sports bra, but the worst of it is under my arm pits.


I'm back in the saddle (enough with the horse metaphors) tonight at the gym-- probably planted on the stationary bike.


  1. I've lost toenails time and time again from playing soccer. At this moment my right big toe is blue. It takes like 6 months for the new one to grow in, but it's an interesting process. I just keep mine painted now!

  2. I used to lose mine ALL the time. The only thing that helped was getting mizunos. They're the only shoe that doesn't make my toenails fall off. Also, any running store will tell you that if you're losing nails and getting toe blisters then your shoes are too small. I hate going one size bigger cause I think smaller shoes are cuter but now at least I have my toe nails. Good trade...???

  3. I used to get "turf toe" from lacrosse...that's the only time I've lost a nail though!

    I've only gotten the blisters in the marathon and the hotter-than-hell half marathon (I ran through a fire hose puddle). I hope they don't become a staple :(

  4. Have you tried Injinji toe socks? Their listed as "Injinji Performance Series CoolMax Mini-Crew Socks" on Amazon.com.

    I'm no doctor (OK, technically I am, but I don't deal with toes), but I think your blisters are caused by your toes rubbing together. The toe socks prevent this. For short races, I don't bother ... it's a bit of a hassle getting all your little piggies into their respective sock toe. For longer races, I use them. I doubt they'll help the nails issue, though. My big toes have brown spots on them, or so I thought. I later realized the spots were UNDER the nails and seem to be small areas of blood. I haven't lost a nail, but I wear clown shoes (size 11) because I have clown feet and I keep my nails closely trimmed, as you appear to do as well.

  5. And those toenails . . . totally worth it! Every time I do a long run I wonder if I can make it to 26. I look up to every person who finished, run, walk or crawl.