Friday, June 19, 2009

Dream Sheet

The results from the Hatfield McCoy Marathon were posted and LO AND BEHOLD I came in 6th in my age group...out of 7 runners.

I said to Hubs, "I came in second to last in my age group."

To which he exuberantly replied, "YOU BEAT SOMEONE!"

Ah, the optimism of Hubs.

That's a good crew chief/grilled cheese maker/husband for ya.

Now that I've sufficiently buttered him up, moving on to my marathon dream sheet -- races on my "must-do" list (Hubs is shaking his head):

1) Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon
If this race were a tagline for an action movie, it would be "This's about REDEMPTION." I ran the half this past April and it was the most unpleasant of my race experiences. It was hot, runners were fact I've yet to hear a positive race report from anyone I know. I'd like a chance to redeem myself (I think we all would).

2) Rock n' Roll Arizona Marathon
The Rock n' Roll marathons have a reputation of being fun and "runner friendly." Plus one of my BFFs lives in Phoenix now, so I love to work in a mini-vacation to see her too!

4) Kiawah Island Marathon
Sigh...I love Charleston, I love Kiawah. Why not? Trying to talk my Mom into doing this one with me in 2010.

5) Valley of Fire Marathon
This is a challenging, small-town race in the same vein as Hatfield McCoy. It's also a GORGEOUS might not be a possibility for the next couple of years but it's definitely my ultimate "dream" marathon.

(Hubs is now furiously writing an email explaining why we can't spend any more money on marathons and traveling to marathons).

Don't worry, Hubs...I'm just daydreaming about blisters and GUs.


  1. Oh the result post was so cute I had to link it to my post race report/results... hope ya don't mind! You were in the same age group!

    Also, I'm planning on 3 of the 4 races you have above. I LOVE Kiwah Island and my bff also has a friend in Phoenix that we'll be visiting. I haven't registered or anything but likely those races will be in 2010! See ya there!

  2. You should definately forget what hubs says : sorry hubs. Do it! Do them all! And while you're in Phoenix find my crazy running mom. She runs the Rock n Roll marathon every year almost!

  3. Steph-- I hope to put at least two of these on my schedule for 2010!

    Becky-- Hahaha...Hubs is reading the comments now and telling me you are a bad influence. Just kidding ;)