Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's talk about Lost, baby.

Time to talk LOST season 5 finale...if you haven't seen it, I might spoil it for you-- so proceed with caution.

Ok, all you Losties out there--what did you think?

I kind of, sort of loved it.

Here's my list of favorite finale moments and random thoughts:

5) Rose and Bernard's island paradise: I think this was the best possible wrap-up to their story. I'm also assuming that they were the "Adam and Eve" skeletons that Kate and co. found in the cave in season one.

4) Is Juliet really dead? If Jules is dead so is Kate, Sawyer and Jack because that would mean the bomb just plain exploded instead of pulling a cosmic CTRL-ALT-Delete, right?

3) What lies in the shadow if the statue? Apparently "He who will save us" or "That which will protect us" or "That which will save us" or "He who will protect us." Or any combo thereof. And the statue is Sobek?

2) The Sawyer vs. Jack epic beat-down: Die-hard fans have been waiting for that since season 1... And the good doctor actually held his own!

1) The Jacob Reveal: Thank you, Lost producers, for a) letting Jacob be a real person, b) revealing him to the audience and c) making him kind of creepy. And his final "They're coming..." has to refer to the original losties, jettisoning into present day from the 1970's. Or at least I hope.

I won't address the big LOCKE question because I'm still reeling.

Oh, and if Sayid dies I'll need a new favorite character. This will not stand.


  1. I'm definitely watching it again on the ABC website. What was that ring Sun found in the cradle? It didn't look like a wedding band but my television got all wonky. I thought it had letters on it.

  2. It was Charlie's Drive Shaft ring...Major blast from the past!

  3. Ooooh - you're good! Do you have any idea why Jacob didn't visit Juliet in her youth? Or did I miss him popping up?

  4. I don't think he visited Juliet. He seemed to "touch" all the others, so I think that is significant.