Friday, December 4, 2009

Ok, ok...

It's freezing outside and I already pushed the ottoman out of the way to clear room for the exercise bike, but ENOUGH excuses...

It's time for a run.

So I'm strapping on my FiveFingers as I speak(type) and I'm heading out the door momentarily.

I'm halfway through my final exams, and when I'm finished I predict an epic comeback to the world of slow running.

Thanks to those of you who still read this (when I do update). I hope everyone is training strong and having great runs.

So a little 1L reflection that will only make sense to law students:
* Property: nicest professor until we saw our 9 page fact pattern for the final.
* Contracts: test is next's hard not to like contracts. Everyone likes contracts!
* Civil Procedure: my favorite class...which means something is seriously wrong with me.
* Torts: worthless. WORTH. LESS.