Friday, October 16, 2009

Slim Down

A lot of the blogs I read are diet/fitness related, and they always have really insightful tips about healthy eating and exercise.

Here? Not so much.

I say eat what you want and if you're not happy with your body...well, I can't help you. I'm not an expert in anything health related and I don't act like I am.

I am however an expert in Jurassic Park quotes, but that may not help you do anything. Ever.

But I have discovered a great way to lose weight quickly! Just follow these easy steps:

1) Take LSAT.
2) Apply to law school.
3) Get in to law school.
4) Go to class.
5) Take both research final + Torts midterm + turn in first memo (EVER) in span of five days.

AND CHA-CHING! You'll drop weight like a prize fighter.

Seriously, my mileage has dropped to below 10 miles a week (far below it...try like, 4 miles) and I've managed to lose weight by stressing out.

I know I'm just losing muscle that took me a year and hundreds of miles to accumulate, so I'm not exactly jazzed about it.

BUT I feel a comeback coming...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Epic (fail) Return


Ok, so I haven't posted in two months...epic fail. But I have a good excuse! I'm a 1L! That's a totally legit excuse, right D.A.R.?!

Anyway, I didn't run that Downtown Doubler and I haven't trained for the L'Ville half. I haven't posted on Run the Ville and I haven't posted a +10 mile run since my marathon.

But the world keeps spinning!

But I have kept running, just not training. I'm running 100% in my Five-Fingers, even on the treadmill...which, I must say, is quite the audio-sensory experience with the THUDTHUDTHUD sound feet-with-no-padding-on-treadmill makes.

What can I say about being a 1L? Well, the most frustrating part of it all is the constant feeling of being one step behind. Even if I've read and briefed for class, there is always something else I could be doing.

For me, one day ahead is behind. There is no such thing as "being on top" of things.

I fully plan on diving back into training come Christmas Break. So I'll go retool the ol' race calendar and see how it goes.

Hope everyone's training is going well...I can't wait to cross (any) finish line again!