Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love/Hate: Technology


Love: I work at a software development firm, so naturally I love technology. I love that I can blog. I love that I can download music on my computer. I love that I can whip out my Blackberry and google the name of the guy from "No Country for Old Men" (Javier Bardem) on a whim.

Hate: I work at a software development a non-technical capacity. So when technology goes wrong, I'm dead in the water. Take yesterday for example: it was supposed to be my peaceful work from home quickly turned into telecommuting from HELL. I would lose my connection every three minutes or so, forcing me to sign BACK on over and over and over and over...

It took me two whole days to feel "recovered" from the 20 miler on Sunday. Monday night was dedicated to stretching only, and I think that helped quite a bit.

Leading up to my last big run I did more cross-training than actual running during the week. So it's back in the saddle for mid-week runs, I suppose...
In other news...

Some of you may know that Hubs and I are mega-Kentucky Basketball fans. Yes, the crazy ones. It's our alma mater, but during our tenure in Lexington the program suffered its biggest slump in recent memory.

But now...NOW MY FRIENDS we have the #1 recruiting class in the nation and then of course there's all the buzz about this.

It's a good day to be a Wildcat.


  1. So I'm thinking you all might be back on the season ticket wagon?! What football season? I can't wait for Madness!

  2. P.S. This is Ashley and I didn't know my google name until this was posted.

  3. We're trying to figure out a way to pay for them! That was our issue this year :(

    And we are so down for football too...tailgating if nothing else. We miss campus!

  4. It's certainly okay to feel tired 2 days after your 20 miler. Your body is still recovering.

    Not much longer til the marathon!

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