Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 Miles, Unplugged

Last night I ran home from work.

The back-roads route from my office to my house is about 10 miles. This was mostly on-road running, so I turned my iPod off for my own safety. BB unplugged!

10 miles...no music...massive hills...I was just waiting for the bonk.

But the bonk NEVER CAME! Dare I say, the run was easier without music?!

Maybe it was because I could focus completely on my stride and breathing rather than imagining I'm on American Idol and Beyonce is my star mentor (my rendition of "Deja Vu" gets rave reviews from the judges...even Simon!).

Here's where things get weird...When I'd start to get a little bored, I'd just YELL something (there was no one on these roads but little-crazy-old me)...

Here's a sampling of what I can remember yelling to the open road:

- "Who hits a GOOSE?" (road kill comment)
- "Hill...HILL!"
- "And I...was...RUNNIN'!" (Forrest Gump quote)
- "Don't wanna pull a HAMMY!" (Cable Guy quote)
- "LOUD NOISES!" (40 Year Old Virgin quote)
- "Six triple eight seven four five...uh uh uh..." (Incorrect song lyric)
- "AAAAAALL MY SINGLE LADIES!" (Correct song lyric)

So. Very. Weird...I know. So weird.

But it worked! This kept me really entertained...every time I would start to think about how much further I had to go or how tough a hill was, I'd yell something random and make myself laugh.

Hey, even us slow-runners have some tricks up our sleeves.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Notes

- This weekend was a huge bust...6 miles on Saturday, and nada Sunday...The weather was nasty and I just couldn't get myself going

- I struggled with the infamous "all or nothing" mentality that so many runners encounter, and ultimately decided that a couple days of rest was completely normal and acceptable

- Actually went to the gym...and I still hate that place. The lady on the machine next to me was decked out in head-to-toe Under Armour cold gear-- in a sweltering gym. It just boggles my mind

- My mom got some new shoes (a pair of Brooks, whoop whoop!) and she will soon be on the path to 5k greatness

- I hate that March Madness gives non-sports fans an excuse to try to talk basketball. Just...don't. It's ok. Fill out a bracket-- the less you know about basketball, the better chance you will have in winning the office pool. But please don't try to talk to me about how you are really rooting for Gonzaga this year. My head will explode.

Ok, brand new week...LET'S DO THIS!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Saturday Forecast:


Thanks, Ollie.

Looks like the Trash Bag rides again!

Running Playlists and Why I'm Gross

*** A note of clarification about my previous post ***

I hope you all will still want to be my interweb friends after I admit this but...that moisture on my t-shirt after the run was 100% sweat, not rain.

It had stopped raining well before I started my run.


*** Back to the regularly scheduled (totally hygienic) post ***

Happy Friday!

I'd like to get in 12-13 miles tomorrow and maybe try a new route...

That means a good majority of my day will be spent cross-referencing Map-My-Run and Google Street View, trying to determine roads where I will be least likely to get run down by a van. Hooray!

I was perusing(creeping on) forum posts on Run the Ville about running playlists and I got to thinking about my sad little iPod.

During my last 4-5 long runs, I've listened to Kelly Clarkson or Lady Gaga. Exclusively.

Their new CDs were all I needed to get me through a run. Seriously-- they are that good.

But, I'm open to some new music...hook a sister up!

What's on your running playlist right now?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rocking the Trash Bag

It rained all day yesterday. I planned on running after work if the rain wasn't too heavy, so I packed a poncho/rain jacket thingy just in case.

By the time I hit the road the rain had subsided.

5.5 miles later and a tropical habitat had formed in my poncho. I think a toucan fluttered out of the hood at one point.

I looked like a trash-bag with legs. Hubs new truck looks slick!



Hubs asked me why I'd want a picture of my drenched t-shirt...because it makes me look hardcore!

Now that I've sufficiently grossed you out, have a GREAT Thursday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chasing the "Tomb Raider" Dream

I was an anthropology major for, like, a nano-second in undergrad.

Why? Because I thought I could be "Tomb Raider," that's why.

You know-- traveling the world and collecting artifacts, swinging on vines to avoid explosions, shooting 9mms with surprising accuracy...fighting grizzly bears. Basically, stuff like that.

When I couldn't find Tactical Bear Combat 101 in UK's course catalog, I ditched that plan and switched my major to English. File that one under "Gross Misunderstanding of Anthropology."

Six years later and I find this: Adventure Racing at Red River Gorge.

Wait...What is that sound? It sounds like all my wildest dreams COMING TRUE!

Cycling, trekking, rappelling, paddling...this is as close to "Tomb Raider" as it's gonna get!

There are only a few things that stand in my way: I can't mountain bike, can't rappel, can't read a compass...haven't tried, but probably can't paddle too well.

Hmmm...looks like fun...or not.

Looks like I'm putting my Tomb Raider dream on ice once again.

I do, however, want to give trail running a try. There are some amazing state parks in Kentucky, and it's always good to mix it up in training.

My quads burn just thinking about it.

Anyway, I ran 8.5 miles last night and felt alright. Running uphill with the wind in your face is pretty demoralizing, but I kept pushing. My legs were numb for the first 3 miles, which is never fun.

When I found myself in doubt, I'd think "BB...I can't believe you are actually even considering a marathon if you can't man-up and do this run RIGHT NOW."

It's a very effective mantra, to say the least. I broke through the mental barrier and felt really fresh. Miles 6-8 were the easiest miles I've run in a long time.

Running is so weird sometimes.

These are a few of my fav-o-rite things...

Recently, my obsession with purses has been replaced by my obsession with running gear. Now instead of splurging on a Coach bag at the outlet mall, I buy running gear en masse!

Poor Hubs. I literally apologize to him for spending all of his hard-earned money every couple of days.

Here's what I can't run without:

I run in Brooks Defyance 2 and I love them...It was the first time I picked out a pair of running shoes for reasons outside of how they looked! They "corrected" my natural pronation that was aggravating my knee and hip, so basically they saved my running-life.

Nike Tempo shorts are my current item-obsession. Built-in liner, key pocket, perfect length = a great pair of running shorts. I never really paid much attention to my shorts until I started to run 4+ miles. Heck, after 1 mile Soffe shorts feel like sand-paper underpants.

Target's C9 Champion Sport Bras are the stuff. I know lots of women struggle with finding the perfect sports bra, but I have had no problems with this brand. Sure, I could spend $40 and get a Nike bra that is moisture wicking AND can brew me coffee, but for the money C9 is in a league of it's own.

Goody No-Slide Headbands are essential pieces in my running arsenal. I have a lot of hair...and it's very curly. XTREME curls. And nothing keeps the frizz at bay like these headbands, which were are available at drug-stores are Targets and Walmarts (oh my).

The Camelbak Charm says: Welcome to the Upper-Echelon of Runner Nerd-dom. I tried a hydration belt at first and it just flat annoyed me to death. I was wary about the Camelbak, but once I tried it out I was hooked. I think this model is 4 lbs. at it's heaviest, but I totally forgot it was there. The pocket it just big enough for a cell phone, car key and some Shot Blox. A must have for long runs.

So...what else is out there?

Specifically, has anyone found a brand/style of shirt or singlet for the upcoming summer months?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lessons Learned: My First 10K

Official Chip time: 59:38 (!!!!)

Woooooohoooooo! I'm in shock!

Here is a list of what I learned from my first 10K...

-> Start out faster <-
Wanting to finish "strong," I consciously kept my pace slow for the first three miles. I stepped up my pace at mile 3, and felt really good when I crossed the finish line.

But...I felt too good. I definitely had a lot "left in the tank." I think I could have had a faster time if I didn't hold back quite as much in those first 3 miles.

-> Stalk-a-Runner <-
At the 3 mile-marker I decided to zero-in on a fellow runner who was running at a faster pace and follow them for as long as I could keep up.

So I picked out his tall, lanky dude with bushy hair because he was clipping along and was easy to spot in the crowd. I tried to stay within 10-20 feet of the guy. This not only amused me endlessly but helped me run at a faster pace for the last half of the race!

So, thanks lanky-dude. Sorry I creeped on you for 2 1/2 miles.

-> Walkers are a different breed <-
Walkers will line-up wherever and however they want
, with little regard to runners. There were groups of walkers, 5 and 6 wide, lined up well ahead of me and thousands of other runners. Many were lined up directly behind the seeded runners who were at the very front.

It's fine in a race of 300...it's still rude, but whatever. But with 7,000 participants, walkers that close to the front make the first mile very tricky for the rest of us. Lots of bopping and weaving, and a couple bumps.

-> Hill work is clutch <-
Most of my long training runs are extremely hilly, and the payoff came during this race. There were 2 hills (one at mile 1 and the other around mile 3) that took me be suprise.

But, while other runners started to feel the pain and slow down, I found myself gaining ground. It was great! I actually started to pass people on the hills! And while we are on the subject...

-> I'm still slow, but passing people is a RUSH! <-
I wasn't too concerned about this during mile 0-3, but then I found great excitement in picking off runners one by one.

I didn't feel an urge to "beat" anybody-- I just felt like I was running strong and hitting a good rhythm.

So, that's what I learned from this race. I'm going to run another 10K on the 4th of July, and I will be sure to apply these lessons when I do it.

Now...where are my race photos?!

I am "patiently" waiting for them...


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Race Report: Rodes City Run 10K

Now THAT was fun.

The Rodes City Run was my first 10K, and I must say-- I really enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures from this morning:

I had all wardrobe combinations laid out and ready to go...

Ok, the ONLY issue I had with the race: I was a bit disturbed by the lack of runners dancing to the "Cupid Shuffle" when it played before the line-up. How can you NOT do the Cupid Shuffle? Well...I did. To the left, to the left...

Awww, me and the Hubster.

Hey! I found Hoss after all!

All the seeded runners. Or sprinters. They were incredible (not that I saw them).

I'm over there somewhere!

It was a GREAT day for a race and I think I learned a lot about participating in large races. I'll dedicate a later to post to race-lesson learned.

My clock time was 1:03:34, but it took me close to 4 minutes to cross the start line. So it looks like my chip time MIGHT be sub-1 hour?!

Holy Moly.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Excited about the race...not so excited about the t-shirt

Because that logo...ain't cute.

I've got that fluttery feeling in my stomach and I can hardly concentrate at work! It must be almost...RACE DAY.

The Rodes City Run is pretty big in terms of a 10k-- something like 7,000 runners and 15,000 spectators. My biggest concern is running in a crowd that size-- and, moreover, eating pavement in front of a crowd that size.

Tonight I'm off to pick up my packet and persuade Hubs to let me invest in a new half-zip...it's going to be a little chilly at the starting line tomorrow!

I know I went on and on about my race goals, but honestly...my only race goal (other than to finish) is to get a decent race photo.

Now, THAT would be a true victory.

*** UPDATE on persuading Hubs to let me buy more clothes ***

I used dinner plans as a bargaining chip...I wanted pizza, he wanted Mexican:

BB: If we go to El Nopal, can I go to Target?
Hubs: Um...deal.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Awwww, shucks!

Another Day in Paradise pretty much made my day by giving me this nifty blogger award!

Now it's my turn to spread the love and give them to some of my favorite bloggers...

In keeping within the Terms and Conditions of my newly minted Kreativ Blogger title, are 7 Things I Love and 7 Blogs I Love:

7 Things...

1) Hubs - He's my best friend and is really good at math. What more could I want?
2) My family - I'm lucky to have them
3) My friends - I'm happy they put up with me
4) My monster-puppy
5) Running - hence the blog!
6) The Kentucky Wildcats - my Alma Mater
7) White chocolate - I prefer it to all other kinds of chocolate

7 Blogs

1) Body. Mind. Soul. - Runner, foodie and future dietitian...BHealthier has got it together!

2) Daily Goods - Ashley is a former lacrosse player and bikram fanatic...and she's training for a 10k too!

3) Just Another Day in Paradise - D.A.R. is a law student (graduating very soon) AND she still finds time to run! I hope to strike that same balance!

4) Thinspired - I covet Lara's meals that she photographs and posts on her blog. Droooool...she's another foodie/runner!

5) Dispatches from the Island - Actor Jorge Garcia's blog...I am a "Lost" superfan so this blog makes me giggle like a nerd. It's HURLEY! Teeheehee!

6) Dlisted - Trashy gossip blog with really offensive language...Yes please!

7) Dooce - Heather B. Armstrong is the QUEEN of the blog. Mormonism, babies, married life and the Daily Chuck.

As for passing along the award to the aforementioned blogs, I am pretty sure ladies 1-4 already won one of these! I guess it's a testament to their creativity...or "Kreativity."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Fast should a Slow Runner go?

I'm getting pretty excited about my 10K on Saturday.

I know that in training 6 miles has been a really good distance for me. I hit my rhythm around 4 miles and then coast right into 10. When I close in on 11, my knee/hip start to annoy me.

Getting my body used to running 13.2 miles has been my primary and (foolishly) singular focus in training and I've neglected any preparation required to "race" 6.2 miles.

Honestly, I have no idea how to gauge my pace during a run.

I can never say "Ok, legs...this is a 10:00/mile pace. Let's kick it up a notch!" I am just completely clueless. I don't worry about this on my long runs, but it's made setting a goal for my 10K challenging.

So I found a great pace calculator and used it to set a range of goals for Saturday:

"Remember this is a training run" 10K:
- Finish time: 1:10:00
- Average Pace: 11:15/mile (this is close to my pace during the Hangover Classic)

"Great First 10K" 10K:
-Finish time: 1:05:00
- Average Pace: 10:27/mile

"Bat of Slow Runnings-Hell" 10K:
-Finish time: 1:00:00
- Average Pace: 9:39/mile

As you can tell, I'm not banking on a "fast" day. Trust me, sub 10:00/miles ARE fast for me...

I guess my REAL goal for Saturday is simply to finish...just like any other race I signed up for. (And finish before all the volunteers go home and the open up the streets to downtown traffic again.) That would be gravy.


Last night...I witnessed...firsthand...the most...incredible...dunk:

And it went a little something like this:

Oh, and that's Crazy Legs dancing at the end of the video. He's this guy who...uh, dances...at home games.

I don't care if it's the NCAA, NIT, or Rec League Tourney...that dunk made my head spin.

A post about running to come later today!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love/Hate: Families with lotsa babies

Love: Jon and Kate Plus Eight

Hannah is my fave.

Hate: The DUGGARS...

The DUGGARS...the Duuuuuuuggars...the Duh-uh-uh-guh-gars.

Why, why, why, WHY...It's taking everything in my power to keep from repeatedly pounding my fists against my desk just by looking at this family portrait.

Whenever my BFF C.C. and I engage in conversation about the DUGGARS we unleash a chain of expletives that would make Lil Wayne blush.

And Mom, if you're reading this, don't Google Lil Wayne. Just...take my word for it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Revenge of the Knee Brace

"Yooooooooooouuuuuuu...I thought I was done with YOU, knee brace."

During one of my last lacrosse games at UK, I injured my right knee. Basically, my foot went one way and my torso went the other and my knee got all heroic tried to get in the middle of things.

And it hurt. I tried to keep playing but eventually had to sit it out. I went to the sport's medicine clinic and was given two diagnoses:

1) I had strained my LCL (lateral collateral ligament), the lesser known sibling to the MCL and ACL. It's kind of the Marlon Jackson of the ligament family. Or...

2) I had developed IT Band Syndrome or "runner's knee."

I thought for sure it was my LCL. It seemed like an acute injury versus a chronic one, because I had an "oh crap that hurt" moment during the game.

But after a while I got REALLY TIRED of telling people about the injury. Seriously, I'd tell someone I hurt my LCL in a lacrosse game and they'd say "Oh, yeah...but you mean your ACL." Yeah, I do that sometimes...mix up my "L's" and my "A's" like that. Silly me.

Whatever it was that was wrong with me, I got a sexy Robocop knee brace to wear and eventually the pain went away.

When I started running again, the pain slowly returned. The dull, bone-rubbing-against-bone pain that sends shockwaves all the way up your hip.

So...yeah, it's ITBS after all.

My concern is this: if I start wearing my brace again, will it change my stride enough to cause injury elsewhere?

Anyone have experience with running with this kind of hardware?

Weekend Notes

- The Rodes City run is Saturday! It's my first 10k and it's gonna be huge.

- My long run yesterday consisted of 9.3 miles. It was a great day for running-- 50 degrees and overcast.

- My shin felt fine after the first .5 mile. Weird...

- I watched two movies this weekend: "Taken" and "The Transporter 3." Both movies followed my favorite film constructs: singular badass punches, kicks and headbutts his way through a foreign city all in the name of ________ (the motivation is really secondary).

Bonus points if the main character uses non-lethal accoutrement in lethal ways. Yes, I am a woman of simple movie tastes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh, great.

That nagging tightness is my calf from few days ago has apparently developed into shin splints in my left leg.

Ugh. I'm vacillating between indifference and blind rage.

I mean, the likely culprit is extreme uphill/downhill running that resulted in my overall calf wonkiness and not a training issue. I've been extra careful in avoiding overload and stuck to my training schedule like glue.

So here's what I'm going to do about it...
- Reduce my mileage on my long run tomorrow
- Take the flattest route I can find
- Complain
- Compression sleeves for the affected shin
- R.I.C.E. the rest of the weekend

I'm not happy about cutting back on my mileage. Even though my long run last Saturday was nasty, I wanted a chance to redeem myself at an equal distance.

Thankfully, the cold weather tomorrow will warrant pants instead of shorts, thus covering what is likely to be a hot pink compression sleeve on my left leg.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

On, On U of K!

If my Cats win today, I'm taking it to the street and running 6 miles outside (preferred course of action).

If they lose, I'm punishing myself on a treadmill tonight for 3 miles. The most dreaded distance.


***UPDATE***: Ole Miss: 38, UK: 36 at the half. You don't have to cheer for my Wildcats, but you should cheer against Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy. Don't keep up with college basketball? Just google "Andy Kennedy cab driver." Yeah, he's a real stand-up (and punch you in the head) guy.

***UPDATE***: Ole Miss: 58, UK 71 CATS WIN, CATS WIN, CATS WIN! Looks like I'm running outside tonight!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You know that person at the gym who smells worse than anyone else?

Yeah, that was me last night.

First I ran at my park-- the weather was TOO GOOD. I wanted to do 6 miles, but packed it up at 5.25 (that last .25 was torture). After I stretched I still felt kind of stiff, so I went to the gym and vegged out on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

And look, fellow gym patrons, I'm really sorry. I know I smelled, and I know it was unpleasant. I'm sure you noticed.

Speed Work Wednesday! Here I come!

And for all my Losties out there: Can you match the Sawyer-nickname with the character?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Somebody stop me...

I found a website where you can design your own running teeshirts, and I am *thisclose* to ordering one with a Dharma Initiative logo.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Notes and What Hurts Today

- Despite feeling like crap, I DID finish my 13 miles in 2:12:05. I'm just happy that after changing my route mid-run, I was still able to reach my goal for the morning.

- Daylight Savings Time = more sunlight = more time for running after work = less treadmill. Excitement.

- I got a pair of Nike Tempo shorts and, inevitably, I want more. The blue one is next on my list.

- My big toe on my left foot hurts today. I got a really gnarly blister on the inside of my big toe during my Saturday run. Thankfully it didn't start to bug me until later that day.

- I've seen a lot of bad movies, but "10,000 B.C." takes the cake. It should have been titled "Historical Anachronisms with That Guy from Counting Crows."

Yup. That about sums it up.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Hits (and hills) Just Keep on Comin'

Fifty yards into my run this morning and I knew...it was not going to be a good one.

It was a beautiful day and I was excited to hit the road, but it seemed like something was always annoying me. First it was my shorts-- I got tried of tugging on them and resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have a 13 mile wedgie.

Then my Camelbak got all wonky. The straps keep loosening up and I spent a half mile adjusting them.

I took a turn down a road that I've never run before, and I quickly realized it was un-runnable. Too much traffic and too little shoulder...I turned tail and headed back the way I came.

At this point I was only 5 miles into my run and had to figure out a way to make up the rest of the miles.

I improvised (which is never good for me), got lost in a giant golf course community and finally found my way back to my park. I did a loop there for good measure and called it a day.

I cooled down and returned to my car only to find a pack of middle-aged lady cyclists chatting it up. Annoyance #323.

Dear Cyclists by my car: I am hot, tired, salty-faced and I do NOT want to hear about how much you love chocolate-covered coffee beans. Or how you want that tape with the flower indentations for your other bike. Or how you can't get off a decent snot-rocket.

I just want to stretch in peace and eat a banana. Go away.

I also realized that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the reason my long runs are always so painfully slow is because I am climbing hills 90% of the time. Good prep for West Virginia, bad for time.

My mission for next weekend is find a nice, flat route.

BB out!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Runs and Rock of Love

Happy Friday!

Well, as I semi-predicted yesterday, my 3 "easy" miles on the treadmill felt like pure, screaming hell.

I'm sure there were a few contributing factors to my less than stellar run...
1) My stomach was really sloshy
2) It was hotter than a brick factory in my gym
3) The lady next to me was coveting my treadmill with a TV and giving me the side-eye
4) "Rock Of Love Bus" was the only thing on TV

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with Rock of Love...well, actually there is a whole heap of things wrong with Rock of Love. But I don't want to set myself up to look like a hypocrite, because I may or may not be going to a Bret Michaels concert in two weeks.

And by "may or may not" I mean totally am. But I digress...

I hate the treadmill, I hate watching TV while I run (it was the only machine open at the time) and I hate running 3 miles. I can never get in my groove!

When I was done I skipped the weights (boooooo), jumped on an elliptical machine and stared off into space for an hour. Just kind of...zoned out.

Big 13 miler tomorrow morning! I'm hyped!

I couldn't bring myself to Google images from the Rock of Love Bus show. So instead you get a picture of Gracie Lou and I playing tug-o-war with a raggedy old squirrel toy...it is, essentially the same thing you see on that show.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Race Shorts

Speed Work Wednesday was...really sweaty! I'm glad it's out of the way.

Thursdays are always 3 "easy" miles plus weights. It's a nice way to decompress and not worry about speed or distance, but DANG sometimes 3 miles HURTS.

After my 13 miler on Saturday (I'm referring to it as my "Almost Mini") I'll be hitting the malls with RCP and CC for some long overdue shopping.

And, naturally, I have some race gear on my list...particularly race shorts. Here are some contenders:

These seem to be pretty popular amongst young, female distance runners. They come in a wide array of colors, including a Live Strong style with a slick yellow stripe on the hem. The Nike website makes me want to spend entire paychecks on running gear.

Reebok Core ShortsI'm a big fan of Reebok's "cold gear" because it's cheaper than Nike, Adidas and Under Armour. These shorts are pretty basic and similar to the Nike's, so they might be the best choice for my first half marathon.

Brooks Element Shorts

Be still my heart...Brooks. They saved me. I couldn't run more than 2 miles without recurring pain in my right knee. And then I started wearing Brooks shoes and no more knee pain. Swooooooon...I just love Brooks. My wallet on the other hand, hates Brooks.

My Cousin (and my running partner for the Derby Mini) found a hot pink tech shirt that reads "Does this shirt make my butt look fast?" which is adorable. But I think "This Might Hurt a Little" is a more accurate choice for a race teeshirt slogan.

Decisions, decisions...I love being a girl.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So, speed work makes you...faster?

I had another curiously speedy (for me) mid-distance run yesterday: 5 miles in 43:12, close to 8:40/miles on average.

I wasn't trying to run any "faster" than I normally run (which is typically 10 minute miles); it just happened that way. This progress makes me very happy, but I'm not going to set any lofty goals based on these runs...finishing the race will always be my #1 goal!

Speaking of speed, today is Speed Work Day!!!

Eh...That's false enthusiasm, actually. I like speed work because it's quick (go figure!) but I'd hate to waste a sunny afternoon on a treadmill.

No matter what, I will be jamming to some "Circus" in honor of Brit-Brit's triumphant return to the spotlight:

Love/Hate: Back to School

Some E-cards is the best thing ever.

I love...the fact that I will soon have all the wonderful school breaks back at my disposal.

Ahhh Spring Break, Fall Break and CHRISTMAS BREAK! No more hoarding vacation days at work, because I'll be a STUDENT again and they just give you those things.

I hate...anything and everything associated with Financial Aid.

In undergrad I had no experience applying for financial aid. I was just really lucky to have parents who could (and wanted to) pay for my education.

Now I'm on my own...stupid FAFSA...stupid EFC....I did get a little giddy when I saw how much I loan money I could get for "personal expenses" but then I reminded myself that I'd have to PAY THAT BACK.

More about running later.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Run Mapping and Urban Legends

I can't for the life of me find a decent 12-13 mile route for my next long run.

My preferences for long runs are:
  • One large loop: Because when I run out and backs, I see a tree/rock/landmark and think to myself "The next time you see that tree/rock/landmark, you will be ALMOST finished...but not now..."

  • Balance of country and residential: Rich people tend to do their laundry on Saturday mornings, and the smell of high-priced dryer sheets is something I look forward to. Seriously.

  • Minimal traffic: Because I don't have my Road-ID yet! I know that sounds morbid, but it's something every back-woods runner/walker/cyclist worries about.
Ok...so maybe I'm a little picky. I always like to map out two or three possible runs on Map My Run and then go from there.

But so far I can only find one possible route...and it crosses through dreaded Goat Man territory! I've blogged about Goat Man before, therefore making this two-too-many posts about a goat monster. Is there a blog award for that?

Aaaaaaanyway, of course there is no real Goat Man. Ahem. But I am still kind of...freaked out...about running that way.

It reminds me of an old Jim Breuer stand-up routine where he talks about driving alone at night on an empty highway, shouting out his windows in an attempt to provoke the Boogie Man to prove he isn't really afraid of him. Yeah, that's me.

And the really ironic thing about it is? Jim Breuer played Goat Boy on SNL.


You wuz runnin thru mah territory...now I eatz you.

Happy Accident

I planned a 9-10 mile run for Saturday morning...the 9 mile route starts and ends at my park, leaving me with the option of cranking out the additional mile to make it 10 through the park itself.

It was cold and windy, but I was feeling great. The route cuts through a couple miles of country roads and then loops through a ginormous neighborhood. I had all my turns written down on a Post-It that I stuck inside my jacket (because I'm pleasantly neurotic)...

...but that didn't matter.

I must have turned right instead of turning left and accidentally did a giant loop, returning me to the exact place I had entered the neighborhood some 40 minutes earlier. Crap.

I decided to head back the way I came instead of chugging through the neighborhood AGAIN.

In the end, I ran 11 miles instead of 9. The good news is I felt fantastic. The GOOD-ER NEWS is I ran 11 miles in 1:53:00, which is pretty darn close to my time for my 10 miler on New Year's Day. Progress!

Oh, I didn't have to worry about the monster hill after all...after getting lost and doubling back, I never got to it. I win.