Monday, August 9, 2010


It's my puppy!

Sometimes when I'm feeling a little stressed out, I google "Brittany Spaniel" and scroll through the images.

Art imitating life.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Long tread

The weather today was beautiful, but I opted to run at the gym instead.

It's my "long" run day (8 mi), and I don't know why I thought I could run for that long on a treadmill, but I thought "What the hey."

Well, I must have slipped into bizarro-running universe, because everything about my run today was the opposite of how I usually like to run:
a) I was on a treadmill
b) I was on a treadmill for more than 30 minutes
c) I was on a treadmill for more than 30 mintues in my running shoes (not my Vibrams)
d) I was on a treadmill for more than 30 minutes in my running shoes (not my Vibrams) while watching TV wasn't bad at all! Weird. Usually I get really bored on the t-mill, but today I was ok with it.

I know I'll be paying for it tomorrow, because my legs HATE my running shoes. Right now my hamstrings are scah-reeming.

In other is COMING. Getting casebooks in the mail is like Opposite Christmas.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Preeeeetty sure I broke my Garmin.

I accidentally left it on ALL NIGHT and the battery was completely drained. I plugged 'er in to charge and got nuffin. I did the "soft reset" and got her rolling again, but when it stopped working right before my run.

SO. Trying not to panic. Although, running 8 miles without it (just like the old days) felt really good. I finished in 1:15, which is a little slower than usual, but not too far off my goal pace.

Pfft, "goal pace." I mean "don't walk, survive, think of dessert."

Guess I'll be running for duration (40 mins., 1 hour, etc.) until I figure this out.

Oh, and school is about to start again. HIP HIP!