Thursday, June 11, 2009


A critical step in race prep...polishing up the ol' playlist.

Chances are I won't listen to music for most of the race, but I wanted to have an hour or two of POWER SONGS just in case.

I'd like to think that I won't activate the POWER SONGS until mile 20, but I'll have them ready to roll.

Some of my favorite POWER SONGS:

"Diva"- Beyonce
"Gun Powder and Lead"- Miranda Lambert
"Head Bust"- Shark City Click
"Love Game"- Lady GaGa
"Rock Me In"- Brit Brit Spears
"Sweeeeeeeeeet Emooooootion" - Aerosmith
"How I Could Just Kill a Man"- Rage Against the Machine
"Bombtrack"- RATM
"Bulls on Parade"- RATM
"She's Country"- Jason Aldean
"Fortunate Son"- CCR
"Fuel"- Metallica (quite possibly the most POWERFUL of the POWER SONGS?)

These are the essentials. The rest of the playlist will likely consist of Pitbull, Rage Against the Machine and the Fast and Furious soundtrack (which is mostly Pitbull).

But what about that last mile, when I need to start my mental celebration?

Check out some of my LAST MILE SONGS:

"Big Time"- Big and Rich
"Down"- Chris Brown*
"Southern Cross"- Jimmy Buffett
"Piece of Work"- Jimmy Buffett

*I still listen to Chris Brown. Sue me.

There you have it, my POWER SONGS.

Not sure when I'll actually plug-in, but I'll have the iPod on standby.


  1. I still listen to Chris Brown too...what about some summer party anthems like Sean Kingston "fire burning on the dance floor" it's a really good song!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one still listening to Chris Brown...and every Sean Kingston song makes me want to go back to Jamaica!

  3. I listen to him and The-Dream. Fun playlist!! I quid pro quo. These are free downloads (she moved her podcasts to this site) with full songs on her playlist with cues to speed up or slow down so I like them for intervals. I thought I'd share the clicky:

  4. Brittany, there is an alarming lack of Kansas in your playlists...