Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday mish-mash

I woke up this morning with about 5 different things I wanted to blog about swirling around in my noggin, so you'll get a little bit of everything this morning!


I hit the gym and ran 3.5 miles in honor of National Running Day. I still think I'm tapering "too much" but I don't want to take a chances with my wonky calf.

Has anyone ever gotten a sports massage after a race or hard run? Was there a lot of screaming involved?


I was in Target when I heard a mother and her two sons blabbering in the aisle next to me. The oldest son (about 10) held up a shirt and asked "THIS is an extra-small? It's huge!"

To which to mother replied, "Well, America's FAT."

I was absolutely incensed. For two reasons...

1) This woman is no brilliant social-scientist, making an original or groundbreaking assertion in the racks of target. No, no...she probably just watched a Dateline episode entitled "America is FAT." I half expected her to turn to me and shout "GO GREEN! ECONOMIC DOWNTURN! BRANGELINA!"

2) Now her son is going to go to school, find the chubby kid and execute the use of this phrase in the ugliest way possible.

That's all I've got...just a case for sterilization by the clearance rack.


Speaking of Brangelina, they didn't break up. The world can keep a'spinning!


I think I need this for law school:


Happy Thursday! (it's almost Friday)


  1. i used to work at coach and i have one of their planners... LOVEEEEEEEEE it and you can reuse them year after year bc you can just buy the inserts, get ittt :)

  2. The employee discount would ruin me if I worked at Coach! No self control here ;)