Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marathon Fuzzies

Just when a tinge of burnout begins to set in, something happens to get my excited about running again.

In this case it was an email from the Hatfield/McCoy race director.

Nothing too exciting...he was just introducing participants to the new "Rooms for Runners" program. Basically, the Reunion Festival and Marathon draw HUGE numbers (compared to the size of the surrounding towns) and hotel rooms become scarce for the runners.

This year the locals are opening their doors and allowing runners to essentially bunk-up for the race.

Now I knew that this race had a reputation of having wonderful community support, but this...this is just awesome.

This is exactly what I want for my first marathon: warm and fuzzies.

Just check out some of the reviews on Marathon Guide here. It's a love-fest!

It's also good to know that if I can't get an extended check-out at the hotel, someone may let me use their bathroom to shower.

Gotta love small towns.

This is the Hatfield Posse, fixin to stir up some trouble.

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  1. Wow that sounds pretty awesome. Gotta love small town folk. ;)