Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Downside

I swear my KSOs are have some sort freaky hippie voodoo built in...

Shin splints? Gone.

Sore hips? Nope.

Runner's knee? VANQUISHED by the power of barefootin'!

They have also encouraged me to get as much trail running in as I can because running down a muddy, root riddled trail is a BLAST in the Fivefingers.

Today I came across three bunny rabbits on the trail and they didn't even bat a furry eyelash at me. It's like they could sense my good barefoot vibes! (Or they thought I was just a harmless vagrant wandering the forest...either way).

So...what is the downside?

I took off the nail polish from my toenails and they are straight up NASTY. They don't hurt, but they sure look like they should.

No pictures of the uggle toes, sorry folks. It's too soon after lunch for that.

In other news...I finished my first ever case brief for law school orientation! And when I reread my work I noticed I typed "TRAIL court" instead of "TRIAL court" at least 7 times.

The freaky hippie voodoo is seeping into mah brainz!


  1. Oh my gosh that just sounds gross haha. I hate being barefoot so I think they would totally freak me out!

    Eeek law school! Are you so excited?!?!

  2. Haha, if you hate being barefoot than avoid these shoes!

    I am 95% excited and 5% nervous I think :) I just want to get that first week under my belt!

  3. Heh. Got 'em. I tried them yesterday, took the night to think about them and ran all over the store today in them again. I have grey and green, for some reason the black pair I tried rubbed my pinky toes wrong. I'm kayaking tomorrow so I'll be taking them out for that but how else are you conditioning your feet? I'm a freak at the office, walking around in them for now.

  4. Lenore-- FANTASTIC! I wore them around the house for a couple days to break them in. A word of caution: they rubbed the hell out of my heels...and it can get a little bloody. BUT my feet are getting tougher (and uglier).

    Kayaking will be a great way to get used to them! And when you do start running in them, start with grass or packed dirt before you hit the road.

  5. Let's see some photos! Seriously, I want to know what I'm (seriously considering) getting into!

    Do they look as bad as my toes? See

  6. Wii, you win. Mine aren't at that level yet! You are hardcore!

  7. Holy cow, I think these shoes have saved my running.