Monday, May 18, 2009

My spirit animal must be a Great Pyrenees

I did it...20 miles...only one more distance PR to set.

It was a perfect day for a run. I ran down my usual country roads and did 2 out and backs and a loop to make it to 20.

The hills never stopped coming. I can think of two flat stretches at mile 4 and 15, but that was it. After 10 miles you just expect hills and get used to them.

Overall, it was an eventful run. The scenery was beautiful and very peaceful. I passed the Women's Prison, which is always interesting. And I saw one of these:

From a distance I thought it was a pony. When I got closer, I decided it was a domestic polar bear.

I thought I was delusional-- finally, the distance was getting to me.

And then I finally realized it was just the BIGGEST DOG I've ever encountered. Seriously, massive.

I incorporated walk/stretch breaks after mile 16, which (aside from marrying Hubs) was the best decision I've EVER MADE. I found myself running stronger and faster after each break, and the result was a faster-than-usual average pace for me.

Here's a look at my run by the numbers:

-Distance: 20 miles
- Time: approx. 3:15:00
- Pace: 9:45/mile (see what I mean!)
- Ounces of water consumed: 50 (1.5 liters)
- GU packs: 2
- Counties covered: 3
- Silent prayers: 12
- Audible prayers: 2


Two MAJOR things I noticed after hitting the 20 mark:

1) Complete exhaustion. I almost fell asleep in the shower and I'm still feeling it today.

2) Total body soreness. Not just my lower body-- my back and core hurt too.

The worst part of the run yesterday was when I was done, I was DONE. Nothing left in the tank.

This tells me that walk and stretch breaks must begin in the early miles of the marathon.

Now, excuse me while I rest my head on my desk for an hour or two.


  1. I'm so jealous of you!! 20 miles!!! that's no joke!!! I havent hit 15 yet and to be honest, I'm a little skerred!! Great job!!! You should be very proud!

  2. Thanks! And don't be can do it!

  3. Not just the mileage, but the time is awesome! If you're that fast in the race, you'll have an impressive marathon debut!

  4. If I can pull off sub 5 hours, I will be amazed!

  5. Amazing. Seriously inspiring!! Great job.

  6. Dude- awesome. You are epic. You make me want to get back into running.

    Yeah, you gotta watch out for them domestic polar bears. Char global warming is pushing them south from there natural habitats in southern Indiana.

  7. You rock. 20 miles is very impressive especially at a 9:45 pace. You make me want to run. :)

  8. You are such a rockstar!! Congrats on reaching this milestone--20 miles is just amazing!!