Monday, April 13, 2009

Race Report: Papa John's Ten Miler

My chip time was 1:40:18, which beats my previous 10-mile time by 11 minutes...

If anyone tells you that they can't run a race (any race from 5k to a marathon) even with training, please direct them to this blog.

A consistent training schedule helped me shave 11 whole daggone minutes off my 10-mile time...and I'm as slow as they come!

Let's start with Friday:

Got all my gear laid out and ready to roll...I'm glad I decided on shorts because the morning warmed up pretty quick. It was a perfect day for a run!

Homer was with me all the way. Hubs went on a scouting party in search of beer at the finish line, but there was none to be had. D'oh!

I rocked my Calipari Nation shirt at the expo. The finish line/expo location is at UofL's football stadium, home to my alma mater's arch nemisis-- The Filthy Cards.

I got a few compliments about my shirt from the UK contingency of runners; one enthusiastic dude even shouted "AT LEAST SOMEONE HERE HAS CLASS!" as he passed us on his way out of the expo. Thanks guy!

Anyway, the expo was exactly what I was expecting-- nothing special. I got some Vitamin Water and a Power Bar...moving on...


There were 8,500 runners at the ten miler and I have to admit-- I felt kind of lonely at the starting line. Most people had running partners or at least friends to chat with.

Don't get me wrong-- I'm a LONE WOLF. But I would have liked to talk it up with someone while I waited to run.

It took me four minutes to cross the start line and I was off! Well you know, off very slowly.

Miles 0-2 were the hardest. By far. They were flat, straight shots-- nothing to write home about. But mentally I was freaking out. At one point I even considered just turning around and heading back to the truck.

Momentary insanity
...I got into my awkward little grove at Mile 3 and didn't look back.

We entered the park right after the 3 miler marker and I thought to myself "Here come the hills!"

Iroquis Park
is a Louisville institution and, in retrospect, the hills are pretty brutal. People started to bonk left and right. I just kept cranking away and tried to make up ground on the downhills...

Gosh, I love hills. What is wrong with me?

We passed miles 4 and 5 in the heart of the park and mile 6 on our way out. More than half-way...

The final 4 miles took us back the way we came-- a flat strech of road leading up to the stadium. I zoned out and listened to my No Doubt mega-mix that CC made me and before I knew it I was passing miler marker 9!

There was one final hill and people were REALLY starting to fall off...but it was my fastest mile.

Running into the stadium was awesome-- mostly because the astro-turf felt like heaven under my feet.

As I crossed the finish line I knew that I had obliterated my previous ten mile time from January and I was pumped!

Hubs snapped a few pictures with his phone...I'm apparently behind the camera man in this one. You can sort of see my shadow.

There I am in blue, rushing over to the wall to stretch my calf before it revolted.

I ran the first half in 51:22 proving that even slow runners can have negative splits! Holla!

I never thought I'd be able to blog about having negative splits. In a ten mile race. Seriously?


As I approached the finish line I asked myself two very important questions...

"Could you keep running for 3.1 miles?"

The answer was a resounding YES, of course! I can taste Half Marathon glory!

"Could you run this entire route ONE MORE TIME and then cap it off with a 10k?"

Uh...maybe? Check back with me in two weeks and I'll have a better idea of my marathon potential.


  1. wow!! congrats! you did a great job!
    ah, I'm sure you can do the marathon! I'll bet I'll be reading about your post-race updates on a marathon pretty soon!
    btw, LOVE that simpsons shirt!

  2. This is an AWESOME race report!! Oh my gosh, it sounds like you had such a great race and were really present and into it. And negative splits are a really DIFFICULT thing to learn how to do, congrats!!!!

    You can totally do a half-marathon. I can't wait to hear more about your progress, so inspiring!

  3. If I had to choose between not sleeping the night before a race, or not being able to wear shorts during it, I would be very tempted to sacrifice the sleep.

    Lone Wolf is right! We do what we do, side-suckahs or not.

    Iroquois is a great place to run. That must've been great, finishing up on UofL's track. I ran my best 1/4 mile and high hurdle times there.

    Concerning the Marathon: keep in mind it's famous because Guy dying doing it.

    Congrats on the record!

  4. Way to go BB. You rock'd it! Great RR. Sounds like you are definately ready for the mini.

    Maybe for the mini, you could look us up. The RunTheVille crew I mean. Give you a little camaraderie, before you take off. :)

  5. Befoore I go any further...I just want to say burn that Calipari Nation shirt!!! Ok, back to the race report...:)

  6. Congrats!! I didn't mean to be such a hater on the shirt but I have to take a shot when I can :). You ran an awesome race and should be proud!!

  7. Thank you all for the blog-love! I really REALLY appreciate your support!

    Tom-- I will look you all up for sure! The famous RTV crew-- I may be a little star-struck!

    Joe-- I forgive you for the hatin' ;) You wouldn't be a true Cards fan if you didn't!

  8. wow wow wow so happy for you! 11 minutes? you did so good!!! dang you might have to change your blog name now :)

  9. this is great, congratulations!!

  10. That's so great!!! I've run two marathons with Team in Training and I was always the slowest runner, but I didn't care, at least I crossed the finish line!

    Congrats to you, I know what a great feeling of accomplishment that is!!

  11. Great job on the race!! I'm so proud of you. You can definitely do a half, and even a full marathon! Because you're right, with the proper training plan, it becomes much easier.

    I love your blue running shirt!! I need to find a pink one to match my new running shorts :)

    Amazing job!!

  12. CONGRATS! I am so relieved that this went well for you and even inspired you to do a half! That inspires ME!