Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Friday, y'all!

Quick post today...

This is what my tempo run typically looks like:
- 0-10 minutes: warm-up
- 10-25 minutes: "comfortably hard" pace
- 25-35 minutes: cool-down

I stuck to this last night and BOY was I sweaty.

BIG run punking out this time.

1-week until the Papa John's Ten-Miler!


  1. Have a good run tomorrow, and a great Weekend. :)

  2. Have a great run tomorrow!! Do you still get nervous before long runs?

  3. good job sticking to it! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR RUN tomorrow! I'm sure you'll do great! sweat it out and ROCK it, girl!

  4. I hope that you have a *great* run today! Not sure where you live, but the weather is running-inspiring here.

  5. Do they give out pizza at the Pappa John's race?! :)

  6. D.A.R.-- I still get nervous before the big runs, and it takes me about 2 miles before those nerves wear off!

    Thinspired-- YES! FREE PIZZA AT THE FINISH LINE!!! Wahooooo!

  7. OH NICE CAPs lock.. okay there we go. Nice Run !! Hope your big run went well!

    hmmmmm free pizza sooooo delicious! I would run to that.