Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Hazards of Running with a Family Member

Yesterday, my Cousin/Half-Marathon partner and I ran a 5 mile loop starting/ending at our gym. This workout was supposed to happen Tuesday night, but a thunderstorm made us push it back (ie-- I forgot my trashbag at home).

Talking while running (or is it "running while talking?") has always intimidated me...I just assumed that the more I talked the less I'd breathe.

But we chatted it up without any complications during our run. Success!

We ran at a faster pace than usual (she is a 10 min.-miler also)...neither of us cared to admit who kept inadvertently upping the pace, but I think she did for the first 2.5 miles and I did for the last 2.5.

But all in all, it was a really good run.

Oh, except my Cuz hit me at one point---SMACK, right on my back--claiming I led her to believe our finish line was closer than it really was. She blamed the outburst on a seizure.

Ah, family.

Tempo run tonight? YES, tempo run tonight.


  1. ahahaha! you're funny!
    btw, thank you so much for you sweet comment! it made me so happy!

  2. That is funny...I think I up the pace subconciously when I have a running buddy, too!

    Tempo runs..why do I hate them so much?! SIGH!

    P.S. I prefer "running while talking"--it makes the running seem secondary ;)

  3. I used to be the same, the thought of actually talking when I could barely breathe was daunting....then I got in shape and its really not that hard, unless maybe you're going up a long hill.

  4. I agree, I actually run better with someone because it goes by faster! What is a tempo run?

  5. There are couple different definitions of a "tempo run" but this is how I do it...

    I warm up for about 10 minutes running at an "easy" pace...after that I run for 15-20 mins. at a "fast" pace-- not quite gutting it out, but making it "comfortably hard" as many runners say. This is followed by a 10 min. cool down where I return to my "slow" pace.

    The point of the tempo run is to learn how to run at a fast pace over long(er) distances. It increases your lactate threshold which helps your muscles fight off fatigue.

    Oh, and tempo runs typically SUCK BIG TIME.

  6. when i run with someone i usually start off talking then stop because theres no way i could finish without keeling over. lol. its so fun to have a running buddy sometimes though :)

  7. i heart the lactate threshold lengthening.

    hope your back is healing from the assault...