Thursday, April 2, 2009

So I checked out my Google Analytics...


To the person Googled "Soffe Trash Bag Shorts" and found my blog post about excessive sweating instead, sorry to disappoint you...but you probably want to avoid trash bag shorts anyway.

And to whomever searched for "hooker radar" and wound up here: Heaven help you.

This post probably wasn't what you were looking for.



  1. how do you check this?? radar?

  2. lol! I once got someone who came up with my sight after searching "plump girls burping porn!" what the hell? hahaha!

  3. ahh, how did you find out about my search habits? I never thought anyone would know it was me that was looking for hooker radar!! I'm kidding of course, and btw, good job helping the hooker get her "fix".