Thursday, April 23, 2009

Energy Gels and Corporal Kosgei

Ok, time for a three-way battle royale:

vs. Shot Bloks vs. Sports Beans

I've tried all three before and honestly-- I can't tell if any of the products gave me a legitimate boost.

Cuz said GU really helped her during the mini last year, so I'm leaning in that direction. Any flavor suggestions?

On an unrelated note...

If you watched the top female finishers cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday, you know that American Kara Goucher came in third while Kenyan Salina Kosgei won the whole she-bang.

You may also know that Kara Goucher is a professional distance runner who trains with her husband in Oregon. Running is her job.

As for Salina Kosgei? She's a prison guard in her home country. So is her husband (also a runner). I'm sure the $150,000 for her first place finish at Boston helps, but Salina Kosgei has a day job to pay her bills.

In a sport in which global dominance seems to be beyond our grasp, we still pay our athletes to train and compete.

I'm not ragging on professional sports in America...I just found this very interesting.

Also, I'd love to see any escaping prisoners in her ward try to out-run Salina.


  1. I have to be honest, I haaate the gels. The only time I have ever felt that they helped was mile 20 of a marathon. For half marathons I actually think simply grabbing a couple of sips of Gatorade (or whatever sports drink they have at the water stations) around mile 8 helps. By the way, my sister is running the mini, as well. I am SO jealous. Good luck! :)

  2. I kind of agree with RunningGroomes on this one. In a mini, the benefit is probably more mental than anything, but whatever works to get you to the finish.

    I have not tried the Shot Blok yet, but between the GU or Sport beans, I prefer the beans. That is just from a taste stand point. Once I start training for a full, my opinion may change with runs long enough to really tell a difference.

  3. I am quickly learning there is a whole "runner's world" I know nothing about! But I still love reading your blog everyday :)

  4. LOVE the sport beans... they taste so good. Although I have ripped the packet open to fast and spilled half the big. Usually eat a pack with some water 45 min into the half marathon (about half way for me)

  5. Sports Beans + Gatorade it is...Thanks for the feedback guys!

  6. Omg quick story!!

    Soooo my husband and I were going to miss our plane for our honeymoon (we had a connection that was literally 15 minutes) that's it!!!

    And as we were running thru the airport he YELLS out ---- " I will take off my shoes and RUN like a Kenyan if I have to!!!"

  7. I believe that things are best when they are done freely, and not financed. That's why I quit church staff.

  8. Insane. I didn't follow the marathon this year (maybe in celebration of the fact that it was the first year in years that roads around me weren't blocked by runners?) but the fact that Kosgei is a prison guard is amazing to me. No need for guns, dear, I can just run you down with this knife!