Monday, April 6, 2009

Went for a run, thought I was dying, planted some shrubs...

I had a 12 mile run on the docket for Saturday.

The weather was perfect, my legs felt great...what could go wrong?

I'll tell you what: complete gastrointestinal mutiny.

Soon my lovely 12 mile training run became a 9 mile run + 3 mile death march back to the car. I ran as far as I could run, and then it was no longer about getting my mileage was about SURVIVAL!

All the park bathrooms were closed and the only beacon of hope -- a port-a-potty-- was just beyond my grasp; locked behind the fence of a construction zone.


BUT the rest of the day was very productive! Hubs and I planted two trees in our back yard and built a flower bed...

...then we stuffed my purse full of snacks and went to the movies to see "Fast and Furious."

Laugh all you want, but my bizarre love for Vin Diesel is immune to your mockery.

And the soundtrack!

If this soundtrack doesn't make you want to slap a spoiler on your Camry and shave your head, then you should check your pulse.


  1. Your blog has become an entertaining part of my day!! The "slap a spoiler on your Camryand shave your head" comment is classic!!!LOL!!!

    Great job on the run Saturday, even though you had a bit of a setback. :(

  2. Thanks! I am always happy to entertain!

  3. Oh nooooo I haven't had that happen yet and I am dreading the day it comes *fingers crossed that it isn't Saturday*

  4. So sorry that the 12-miler didn't work out, but 9 miles is still awesome!! Note to self: pee before a long run!

  5. hahahahahahahahahah

    9 miles is fantastic, the death march not so much

    hope you got to a potty in time

    you could have fertilized your shrubbery

  6. I can relate. That always sucks this time of year. You finally reach that restroom only to find a sign saying "Closed for the season". Utterly frustrating!!! Not to mention the Panic. LOL

    Glad you were able to get in the 9.