Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Running Surfaces: Just Another Way I Inadvertently Hurt Myself


In the past month and a half, I feel like I've developed every running related injury in the book (minus plantar fasciitis-- fingers crossed).

First, my ITBS flared up...then it was shin it's piriformis syndrome.

I think the largest contributing factor is the kind of surfaces I run I did what anyone would do...

I Googled it.*

I found this article that ranks running surfaces on a scale of 1-10 (1 being most painful to run on, 10 being the least):
  • Grass: 9.5
  • Wood chips: 9
  • Dirt: 8
  • Cinder track: 7.5
  • Track: 7
  • Treadmill: 6.5
  • Asphalt: 6
  • Sand: 4
  • Snow: 2.5
  • Concrete: 1


All of my after-work runs (ie-- most of them) are on crappy, concrete sidewalks.

I brought this on myself!

I really don't like to complain...not on this forum at least. I know there are lots of runners out there with injuries much more serious than mine, who can still crank it out. To all of those runners out there: I don't mean to complain.

On a related note...SAND is a more comfortable running surface than concrete?! Better on your joints, sure...but running in sand ranks up there with "chewing on tin foil" and "taking the LSAT" on BB's Comfortable Experiences Index.**

* Did you know that Google saves every search ever made in a huge database? That's INSANE.
**BB Comfortable Experience Index doesn't really exist...yet.


  1. All you ever do is COMPLAIN

    Waah waah wahh I had to poo in the shrubs , I hurt my hip from pounding it on concrete, I chewed on tinfoil ... Waah Waah Waah

    I hope you realize at this point I am only kidding, I heart your posts and sense of humor and don't think that you complain! Jeff thinks I am a hypochondriac because of all the running injuries I have suffered from or suffer from.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA, YES EXACTLY! And I prayed for a bush to poo in, but there were none to be found!

    But YOUR running injuries are are far more hardcore than I am!

  3. oh no, too many injuries! Find some grass and run on that!

  4. Never heard of this before, yikes! Well, I guess it means you're REALLY hard core!
    I had my first bought of shin splints. Not nice. But, in the middle of the night, I did wake my husband up to say "This means I'm a REAL runner!"

  5. Ack my hips and shins were starting to give me the bird from running on too much concrete. Now I just pray I don't get run over every day because I run on the road! Ha! It feels tons better though.

    Oh, and please email me any questions you have re: law school. I would love to help a sister out. It was terrifying for the entire summer before, but then you just get the hang of it.

  6. ah i run on concrete all the time too and i know its just sooo bad for you! BOO THESE SIDEWALKS!!!

  7. That's why I like to run early in the morning, so I can run on the street and avoid the sidewalks.