Thursday, April 30, 2009

You'll find me on Duval Street...protein shake in hand...

As of 5pm tomorrow afternoon I will be on VACATION.

Hubs, Cuz, CuzHubs (I need to give them new nicknames) and myself booked a 5-day Carnival cruise that departs from Mobile on Monday.

We were supposed to stop in Cozumel and Calica. BUT that pesky SWINE FLU flared up and now we are being rerouted...

Key West and Freeport, here we come!

We are all pretty hyped for this...Hubs especially. This will be a Parrot Head pilgrimage for the Hubster.

I'm headin' South 'fore my dream shrinks!

Don't ask me how I plan to get my mileage in on the cruise...I have good intentions to get up early and get the runs in, but...

You know how it goes on vacation.


Last night I ran 8 sloggy, sweaty miles after work. When I got home I grabbed an EAS Protein Shakes and chugged away.

And for the first time in weeks, I had no post-work out pain in my shin/calf.

I stupidly asked Hubs if he thought a lack of post-run protein was making my shin splints worse...he said he thought so, and something about how he had been telling me that all along...

Additionally, he said I probably don't consume enough protein in general.

Sigh...and I thought I'd be one of those runners whose mileage would change while their diet stayed the same.

Chicken nuggets have a lot of protein in them, right?


  1. omg so jealous!!!!!! have SO MUCH FUN! i can't awit to see all the pics . enjoy yourself girl! xoxoxo

  2. I'm jealous. I would love to be going on a cruise right now. One day, One day. You'll just have to enjoy it enough for all of us for now. :)

    Good job on the eight miles, and really glad to hear you had no shin/calf pain.

  3. Fish, my friend, fish! Enjoy the cruise; there'll be many more times to run and race.

  4. So your saying...filet o' fish?

  5. Hahaha I told myself that about cheeseburgers. Lots of protein, right? :)

    Have a blast on vacation I am sooo jealous!

  6. You're going to have so much fun...I am so jealous!!! Can't want to see pictures, and don't beat yourself up if you don't run to much on your trip - it's only 5 days! Enjoy yourself!

  7. I have choco milk after a tough run and after long runs, choco milk and then some really good high protein (and greasy!!) meal right after. Keep it up though, no pain is a good thing.

    And Key West? Everybody keeps telling me that's where me and Fiance should go on our Honeymoon but he doesn't want to. You'll have to give me pics when you get back to use as ammunition, k? LOL Have a WONDERFUL trip and be safe! Enjoy it!

  8. Weeeee!! HAVE SO MUCH FUN! BUT WEAR A MASK_ THE ENTIRE TIME_ swine flu is no joke. not that I even understand what the consequences of it are yet but it sounds crazy.

    hoory for no shin pain- i heart protein.
    Um Jay Robb Brand Whey is delicious, egg whites ? ... did you go for chicken nuggets?

  9. I'm so jealous!! I have never been on a cruise, and would love to. Good luck on the 16 miler tomorrow, that's great that you aren't feeling as much pain in your shins! Have a safe trip!