Monday, April 20, 2009

Derby 101

The Kentucky Derby Mini/Marathon is this only 5 days away!

Even though I've got the big 26.2 on the horizon now, this race will be anything but a training run...

Both Cuz and I have trained hard for this and I know we will have a great run.

This past Saturday was Thunder Over Louisville, or as I like to call it Complete and Utter Chaos With Fireworks and Planes in the Background. It's a big ol' fireworks show that serves as the official kick-off to the Kentucky Derby Festival.

For all your non-Louisvillians out there, here is a little Derby 101:

  • Big hats are a necessity for the ladies...therefore, they are horribly overpriced this time of year
  • Churchill Downs is located in a really dodgy part of the city-- you'd never guess that while watching the CBS/ABC/NBC coverage on TV
  • The Infield is as disgusting as you would imagine
  • Mint Juleps are more disgusting than you would imagine
  • We never seem to get any true A-list celebs, and Nick Lachey is REALLY wearing out his welcome
  • You can smuggle booze into the infield by hollowing out a watermelon
  • The sound of the horses thundering past the rail is worth all the trouble of going to Derby

It's an exciting time in the Bluegrass.


  1. ahh youre going to do so good! im excited to hear all about it girl :) haha and im loving your nick lachey comment.. you know you love him! lol

  2. lol!! Watch the dodgy area comments regarding Churchill Downs, I grew up near there. The neighborhood is just old but there are a lot of good people that live in that area. I don't mean to sound defensive, I just have to take up for my 'hood!! LOL! :)

  3. Haha, sorry Joe-- no offensive! What I mean is it's by no means "horse country." The TV broadcast always splices in shots of the big $$$ farms and then cuts to Churchill like it's the same place.

    I'm glad that you "put on for your city!"

  4. You're absolutely right and the neighborhood is a little dodgy. I was just giving you a hard time. It's like South Bend, seeing a football game on TV, you think the place is as beautiful as the campus. Well, I have news for folks out there, Notre Dame's campus is the ONLY thing beautiful in SB.

  5. I cant wait to see the pictures for this one!

  6. You don't like Mint Juleps?! That's the only part I like about the actual race...

  7. Cristina-- I don't have Derby tix for this year, but I'll post my pics from last year!

    Jake-- YUCK!

  8. You will do such a fantastic job!! Good luck! :) Can't wait to hear about it!

  9. Can you believe I have now been in Louisville for 10 years, and the mini will be the first time I have ever stepped foot inside of Churchill Downs. Maybe it's because of your first points, and I never paid enough attention to your last point. LOL