Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No such thing as stupid questions...


If you find some free time in your day, I highly suggest you go check out the open question forum at Yahoo Answers.

It's basically a site where people submit questions (spelling and grammar be damned) to the interweb and wait for strangers to answer them.

When the submitter feels that their question has been sufficiently answered, they can tag the question as "resolved" and go on about their life.

Sometimes I search the archives with running questions...for example, I searched "IT Band Syndrome" and found a lot of great stretches and tips.

But most of the time I just peruse the open questions for entertainment.

It's like wikipedia only with a dash of crazy. You never know what you'll find!

Here's a taste of some unresolved questions currently on the site:

Q: "Why cant i get a job.........?"
(Punctuation may have something to do with it)

Q: "How do you become a prostitute?"
(Some people shouldn't be allowed to use the internet)

Q: "SQUEALING shower head!??"
(The frustration is palpable!??)

Q: "i think i want a dirt bike.?"
(First invest in a helmet...for everyday use)

Q: "What is a good way to cure boredom?"
(You answered your own question by coming to Yahoo Answers)

Pure gold.


  1. That's great, I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the tip. I needed a better way to kill my work day. :)

  2. Yahoo questions might be the most amusing thing I have ever read. I loooovvee when Google inadvertently directs me there!

  3. no joke.... your posts make my day! love yaaa :)

  4. did you ever get into ?

  5. I love this, I go on the "wiki answers" site at least 4 times a week!

  6. That's hilarious! Never heard of it before, but will have to check it out :) My favorite time killer is if you haven't checked it out yet!

  7. I have a stupid question for you! What is a "5K pace"? Is that an actual set pace or is it just your personal 5k pace when training? I've seen it a lot on blogs lately with people training for half marathons. Is it another way of saying their "fast pace"?

  8. Thinspired: "5K pace" is your 5k race are correct: just fast! I don't think there is a set speed-- I just always take it to mean your personal 5k pace.

    Jake: nope, what is that?

    Eatingfree: I'm a big fan of the Fail Blog! And!

  9. And the answers are sometimes as crazy as the askers!

  10. Thanks for getting back to me ;)