Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh, my! You look very fast!

Some E Cards

Last night I ran with Cuz again. We hit up a local park with a gravel track and took it really easy...after all, I've got the PJ Ten Miler on Saturday.

On our last lap we could hear the *crunchcrunchcrunch* of a runner on the approach so we stepped to the side a bit to let our compatriots through. Cuz, the ever-astute teacher in training, even offered a stern "BB, WATCH OUT!" just to let the other runners know that we cared.

Two ladies in their late forties cruised by, offering a little "Ha ha we are faster than you" wave as they passed.


We waited until they were out of earshot to complain about being passed by women twice our age...I mean, judging by their spandex alone-- they looked like serious runners. They were extra lean and sinewy, and heck-- one even had the super-deluxe-lady-runner-buzz-cut.

And we all know that a haircut like that means business!

We followed those ladies for about a quarter-mile and then they punked out. They just turned around (not even finishing the 1.25 mile loop) and were gone, presumably to their cars.

Granted, it's not like Cuz and I really cranked out major miles last night...but then again we didn't dress for a marathon only to put in a half mile trot.

But seriously...good for them. At least they were out, on the track, doing something. Sorry to hate on ya', ladies. I just found the situation interesting.

Moral of the story? It's easier to look hardcore than to actually be hardcore.

I could go and drop $100 on hot pink Under Armour half-zip and matching shorts to rock at the race Saturday...or I could wear my Homer Simpson t-shirt.

No matter what I wear, I'll still be clinging on to 10 min/miles for dear life.

And lookin' fast ain't gonna make me fast.


  1. I'm HARDCORE everday!! (hehe!, just wanted to call myself hardcore)

  2. Hahaha I love it!!! The woman-runner-buzz cut is so intimidating!!! I'm not going to lie though, I'm heading over to Target later this afternoon to get a cute little zip up for my half-marathon on Saturday. I figure if I am going to be dying and in extreme pain, I might as well wear something cute and pink, ha!

    I guess the difference is that I am planning on spending $19.99, and not $100....

  3. I hear ya BB. I see the same thing at the gym. They come in dressed like they are ready to put in an hour or more, and do like 5-10 minutes and then they're off. Killer cardio there.

  4. I've always wondered what's up with that. When I was going to the gym you would see that a lot. I would say what I think was going on but that might be inappropriate and probably doesn't apply to everyone. :)

  5. some people are all about the show...I say wear your Hommer t-shirt and rock it past the finish line!

  6. hahaha i LOVE someecards -- too funny!

    p.s. go w/ homie ;)

  7. Funny story--how odd though! The haircut vision made me laugh ;)

    Yeah, sometimes I put on my gym/running clothes and walk around and do laundry, etc before working out and wonder....hmm...does that count?!