Thursday, January 1, 2009

Race Report: Hangover Classic 10-Miler

Happy New Year!

Today I celebrated with my very first distance race: a 10-miler through the River City. There were 600 other runners to help me along the way and, I must say, I think I am hooked.

The temp was, how do you say, uh...brisk. I think something like 18 degrees this morning. But I layered up as best as I could: tights, cold gear pants, tee shirt, long-sleeve tee shirt and fleece zip up that I snatched at Wal- Mart for $7.00.

I tried my hardest not to get caught up with the "racers," and the fact that I finished the race is a testament to this. I kept it slow and steady, like just like my blog mascot in the top left.

The course was flat and cut through a really charming part of the city. At the 5 mile marker I encounter perhaps the worst smell I've ever experienced thanks to the friendly neighborhood slaughterhouse. That was interesting. Everything was gravy until mile 7, when the course turned down the "final" stretch: a long, straight shot adjacent to the river although void of any views of the river. This was the hardest (mentally), and I walked on and off here. Just a few steps at a time; probably less than .25 mile all together.

Hubs, my parents and my best buddies CC and RCP met me at the finish line and I was SO FREAKIN HAPPY to see them! They are all-star friends and I love them for sitting in the cold just to see little of me lumber across the finish. CC told me they all kept warm by quietly ridiculing strangely dressed runners. I said "ME TOO!"

Not once did my stomach act up and I never felt like my lungs were struggling. My legs were doing really, really well too (until I started to walk). I can honestly say I felt much better immeadiatley after this race than I did at the end of my 5k. So now I can honestly say that 3.1 is "just not my distance." Booyah.

AND I finished in 1:53:something, which completely blows my mind. Under 2 hours? I can't believe I pulled that off with my pace! I am pumped!

Pictures to come...and probably some weird things I saw as I remember them...


  1. we were very impressed today. We'll be at all your races, and next time we'll come equipped with signs, tshirts and/or noisemakers.

  2. also, it wasn't really quiet ridiculing. It was probably way too loud. The man's sweat was FROZEN to his HAIR.

  3. And, I might add, it his frozen sweat was a nasty murky white color. DISGUSTING.

    You are my favorite runner. Ever.

  4. And it looks like my google account was transfered as my SCHOOL blog account. Great.

  5. You are going to get fired because of blogging infractions. :( :( :(