Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jokes on me!

With a half marathon 3 days away, I should be in full "taper mode." Usually I totally abuse the taper and rest waaaaaay more than required.

But...there is that whole issue of marathon training, so I'll be packing in 8 miles tonight.

Somewhere Hal Higdon is all "Hahaha...sucka."

So, everyone with a race this weekend: Taper a little extra for me.

You know, pour out a little from your bottle of taper on the street corner for your homie BB.


  1. Good luck on your half marathon! I could never do it...but I envy those of you who can!

  2. I'm tapering a little extra for you. LOL I should have ran tonight, but I mowed the lawn instead.

    I'll be pulling for ya. :)

  3. LOL too funny. You are going to rock that half-marathon!! I am getting excited for you!