Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here Comes the Sun...

Little darling.

I love summer...

I liken that statement to "I hate funerals" because it's like DUH, who doesn't like summer (or who doesn't hate funerals). Anyway, I really really appreciate the summertime.

And summer in the Bluegrass simply swelters. It's divine.

I'm trying to decide on the best running accessory for the summer:



Or Visor?

Everytime I see those ultra-lite meshy Under Armour hats I just swoon. They look so darn crisp. But I'm afraid my head would be unbearably hot and sweaty under a hat.

I used to run with a pair of Hubs' knock-off Oakleys and they were great! But...I am sort of like Gozer the Destroyer when it comes to sunglasses...they have a very short lifespan in my hands.

I used to wear a visor at lacrosse practices (back before we had to wear goggles) and it worked out fine...except...visors always get that grungy, forehead sweat stain that never goes away.

I'd like to hear runners and non-runners opinions on the matter...what works for you all?

Nike Odeon sunglasses with SPEED tint!


  1. Hmmm..I bought a dark-colored headband to catch the sweat as it heats up, and I'm hoping it won't get gross and stain. I don't know if headbands are "in" though, so I offer the suggestion from a practical perspective and not a fashion one! ;)

  2. I'm always rockin' the headbands-- I'm way more practical than fashionable too...I'm also looking for something to keep the sun out of my eyes!

    Maybe a dark colored visor will do the trick since it won't show stains as bad-- thanks for the advice!

  3. I'm a hat guy, but for reason's you don't have to worry about. I would get way too much solar exposure do the forest not being near as thick on the planet that is my head. :)

    I like glasses, but they always either start getting sweat on them, or start fogging up and I end up fighting with them. So I usually go without even though I squint ridiculously even on cloudy days.

  4. I have Nike Sunglasses(they worked great at the PJ 10 Miler and they are much cheaper than Oakley's on ebay)..and I also wear a Asics visor. You're right, visors tend to get all crusty but I think they are perfect for longer hair. Granted, I don't have much hair but I like the visor because it's cooler(as in not as hot) as a hat.

  5. Be careful of the sunglass tan lines!

  6. Good call on foggy glasses AND tan lines! My lacrosse goggles were essentially sunglasses and they always gave me gnarly raccoon tans! :)

    I think I'm leaning towards visor...

  7. Dude, I'm a minimalist... I don't want anything on my torso in the summer, much less on my head. The only heat-producing accesory I can put up with is long hair to catch the wind, because that's simply one of the best sensations I know of. And I'll be sure to get back to that as soon as Uncle Sam dismissed me. Much kudos for mentioning Gozer! Even scarier than Sigourny Weaver!

  8. I love, love, love my lightweight meshy Nike hat. It absorbs all of my head sweat (lovely, right?) and doesn't make my head hot. I am allergic to the chemical components in sunscreen so the only stuff I can use is super thick, chalky, and doesn't really absorb into your skin, so running with it on is out of the question because it literally slides off. I need a hat to block my poor little face! Another perk is that I have super short hair + bangs and the hat tends to control it all :)

    I can't stand sunglasses. No matter what brand I have tried, they all give me headaches by the end of my run. I guess the bridge of my nose is sensitive? LOL!

    I'm doing the t-shirt, tank top, only sports bra while running debate in my own head right now....care to weigh in?

  9. d.a.r-- The best thing about when I cut my hair was it made running easier! And as for your debate...I think I'd go with tank top on those super hot days. I don't mind rockin' the cotton tee in this weather, but when it heats up I'm switching to tanks.

  10. i wear a regular old baseball cap . no sunglasses on my run though. I wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can , watch you weave then breathe your story lines. And i wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can keep track of the visions in my eyes.