Friday, May 1, 2009


The only thing that stands between me and my vacation is my 16 miler tomorrow morning.

Time to load up on the carbs!

BB's Pre-Training Run Meals:

- Baked Spaghetti

- Quesadillas
- Pizza

I've got some serious decisions to make about dinner.

Also, I never realized how hard it was to incorporate more protein into my diet...goodness. But Hubs is a protein shake wizard, so he's helping me figure it all out.

Some e cards


  1. Yummmmmy baked spaghetti. Oh gosh, I think I know what I am having for dinner tonight. Too bad I am not running 16 miles tomorrow and therefore have no reason to carb load haha!

  2. I agree with d.a.r, baked spaghetti = YUMMO! And I have no excuse to eat carbs either, wait, I am Italian - that is my excuse! HAHA!

  3. I think you should have a Vickers-style cheese pizza.

    I am on and off with this fairly new protein craze... after all, protein is a fundamental building block of life, so it should be present, to some degree, in the more natural things we eat (save the salt-licks). Obviously, horses have different digestive systems, but they only eat grass and are ripped. Nonetheless, I cannot deny the results of protein cramming, for bulking purposes. But is a lot of extra protein really going to affect your long-distance runs? My personal experience is that the highest increases of perceived energy have come from dramatic increases in fruit and vegetable intake.

    Mmm... I love baked _________... it's all about the texture...

  4. Jake-- no pizza for BB...I don't need the protein for energy, just for muscle building and makes my calf feel better.

  5. i love those cards.

    oh wow- kick ass on your 16 miler!