Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rocking the Trash Bag

It rained all day yesterday. I planned on running after work if the rain wasn't too heavy, so I packed a poncho/rain jacket thingy just in case.

By the time I hit the road the rain had subsided.

5.5 miles later and a tropical habitat had formed in my poncho. I think a toucan fluttered out of the hood at one point.

I looked like a trash-bag with legs. Hubs new truck looks slick!



Hubs asked me why I'd want a picture of my drenched t-shirt...because it makes me look hardcore!

Now that I've sufficiently grossed you out, have a GREAT Thursday!


  1. Oh gross hahaha!!!

    And re: your comment, yes I am working on quite the list of movies!! I have a ton already and need to hit Amazon next month to see if I can find some of them for cheap :) Amongst the list are a ton of crappy horror movies (The Haunting in Connecticut, Saw V, etc.), good movies like Australia, historical stuff like The Duchess and Valkyrie (we are both history nerds). It should be fun!

  2. That first pic looks like you're ready to woop some A$$. LOL Good job on getting your run in. I ended up cutting mine a little short due some minor knee issue I'm trying to keep at bay.

  3. you are SO hardcore!! sweating makes you feel like your body worked out! when i'm at the gym and i see girls workout and not a drip of sweat on them i am so baffled! it looks like i just jumped out of a pool :) haha

  4. you look so angry in the first pacture!

    And for all her blog friends, that's how much she sweats in everyday, non running life.

  5. I kind of like running in the rain and wished I would have ran outside in the rain rather than the TM yesterday. Great job on a solid run while soaking wet!!!

  6. Hahaha, that first picture is my "disgruntled" face! I was pretty grossed out-- but I didn't notice it while I was running...this was just the aftermath!

  7. lol...there is nothing ladylike about hard workouts, and I like the trash bag look - who knows you might be starting a new trend!

  8. I'll know I'm truly a hardcore runner when I go out in rain like that!!! Very cool :)

  9. Lol VERY hard-core! That reminds me of the time Josh and I set out on our long run one weekend and all of a sudden, it started HAILING and snowing! Out of nowhere! But we kept on going...I'm sure getting some weird looks from people! But that's all part of the fun, right? ;)

  10. I've been mia and i feel terrible BUT I will be back in full force after this exam tonight

    your hubby got the same kind of truck my Jeff just got ( a dodge dakota 4 x 4 crew cab?)
    I like them but im not a fan of the boxiness as much. Does the hubby like it? Jeff named his. do all men do that?

    you do look like a hardcore badass in the sweat tee but also like you smell