Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi, my name is BB and I'm a big redneck

Nice to meet you.

I just returned from a Daytona 500 party where we bet on everything from the overall winner to the occurrence of caution flags. We also played Nascar Keno, which was such a success that we are already planning the next party for the race Sunday.

And if you care, my babydaddy did not win.

Anyway, while at Walmart on the hunt for the perfect Nascar shirt (read: I am a redneck) I found this:

...which I will be wearing in the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon in April.

Hubs is all "No! You can't wear that! You're going to meet my coworkers!" (his boss is running the race also) and I'm all "But everyone loves Homer!"

And yes, it's cotton and cheap and will make me miserable during the actual race BUT I care more about irony than comfort.

Even with a wiiiiiild Nascar party with wiiiiiiild Nascar snacks, I didn't blow my daily calorie total by that much. Operation Fit-in-Bikini is in full effect: 11 weeks 'til Mexico!

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