Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Notes

- This weekend was a huge bust...6 miles on Saturday, and nada Sunday...The weather was nasty and I just couldn't get myself going

- I struggled with the infamous "all or nothing" mentality that so many runners encounter, and ultimately decided that a couple days of rest was completely normal and acceptable

- Actually went to the gym...and I still hate that place. The lady on the machine next to me was decked out in head-to-toe Under Armour cold gear-- in a sweltering gym. It just boggles my mind

- My mom got some new shoes (a pair of Brooks, whoop whoop!) and she will soon be on the path to 5k greatness

- I hate that March Madness gives non-sports fans an excuse to try to talk basketball. Just...don't. It's ok. Fill out a bracket-- the less you know about basketball, the better chance you will have in winning the office pool. But please don't try to talk to me about how you are really rooting for Gonzaga this year. My head will explode.

Ok, brand new week...LET'S DO THIS!


  1. We all have those days. For me, they are usually followed up by a great run. I hope that's the case for you. Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping to "get it back" today!

  3. GO GONZAGA!!! LOL j/k

    What Joe said is on the money--my bad days always have a sunny day to follow so get back out there and push it--push it real good! LOL

  4. aw yay to your mom! how excitinggg :) good job for getting the 6 miler in though! no worries girl :) go uncccc!

  5. what the heck is a GONZAGA? lol...sorry, I am canadian (eh!)

  6. you should totally get under armour and then it wouldnt show all your grossness, that while gross is totally appropriate.

    nice 6 miles

    go team go