Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 Miles, Unplugged

Last night I ran home from work.

The back-roads route from my office to my house is about 10 miles. This was mostly on-road running, so I turned my iPod off for my own safety. BB unplugged!

10 miles...no music...massive hills...I was just waiting for the bonk.

But the bonk NEVER CAME! Dare I say, the run was easier without music?!

Maybe it was because I could focus completely on my stride and breathing rather than imagining I'm on American Idol and Beyonce is my star mentor (my rendition of "Deja Vu" gets rave reviews from the judges...even Simon!).

Here's where things get weird...When I'd start to get a little bored, I'd just YELL something (there was no one on these roads but little-crazy-old me)...

Here's a sampling of what I can remember yelling to the open road:

- "Who hits a GOOSE?" (road kill comment)
- "Hill...HILL!"
- "And I...was...RUNNIN'!" (Forrest Gump quote)
- "Don't wanna pull a HAMMY!" (Cable Guy quote)
- "LOUD NOISES!" (40 Year Old Virgin quote)
- "Six triple eight seven four five...uh uh uh..." (Incorrect song lyric)
- "AAAAAALL MY SINGLE LADIES!" (Correct song lyric)

So. Very. Weird...I know. So weird.

But it worked! This kept me really entertained...every time I would start to think about how much further I had to go or how tough a hill was, I'd yell something random and make myself laugh.

Hey, even us slow-runners have some tricks up our sleeves.


  1. wow 10 miles ? youre awesome! i actually mostly run without music, i dunno why? but i like it :)

  2. Its hit or miss for me with music. I will never run a race with music, I feel it takes away from the experience but I used to never train without it. That's not the case now, sometimes I run with it, sometimes without it.

    Great job on the 10 mile run and yelling random things to yourself is hilarious. I had a feel you would bounce back!!

  3. Great job. Yeah yelling in the middle of no where is weird, but hey aren't most all of us that choose to run a little weird anyway, by non-runners standards anyway. YELL AWAY!!!

    Great job on a great 10 miles!!

  4. Good for you!! I ran my 10K race with no tunes and it took me a little longer to relax and find my stride, but then I really enjoyed it. I'm too big of a baby to try it for a longer run though :)

    Great job on 10 miles!

  5. lol...how did you not burst out laughing while running and yelling? that is hilarious!

  6. That is awesome! I have been wondering myself lately if running sans music is actually a good thing. I've had to do it a few times lately and it helped me zone out.

  7. Old Lady Sitting on the bench: " So you just.. RAaaaaaaaaan??"

    haha, nice commentary. I love it. Truly.
    I quote Forrest gump all the time- i have some posts of it where I started to just go into direct monolouge

    from then on, i was runnninng

  8. I believe the number you were searching for was 678-triple 9-8212

  9. Why, thank you Callie...that is the number!