Thursday, March 19, 2009

Awwww, shucks!

Another Day in Paradise pretty much made my day by giving me this nifty blogger award!

Now it's my turn to spread the love and give them to some of my favorite bloggers...

In keeping within the Terms and Conditions of my newly minted Kreativ Blogger title, are 7 Things I Love and 7 Blogs I Love:

7 Things...

1) Hubs - He's my best friend and is really good at math. What more could I want?
2) My family - I'm lucky to have them
3) My friends - I'm happy they put up with me
4) My monster-puppy
5) Running - hence the blog!
6) The Kentucky Wildcats - my Alma Mater
7) White chocolate - I prefer it to all other kinds of chocolate

7 Blogs

1) Body. Mind. Soul. - Runner, foodie and future dietitian...BHealthier has got it together!

2) Daily Goods - Ashley is a former lacrosse player and bikram fanatic...and she's training for a 10k too!

3) Just Another Day in Paradise - D.A.R. is a law student (graduating very soon) AND she still finds time to run! I hope to strike that same balance!

4) Thinspired - I covet Lara's meals that she photographs and posts on her blog. Droooool...she's another foodie/runner!

5) Dispatches from the Island - Actor Jorge Garcia's blog...I am a "Lost" superfan so this blog makes me giggle like a nerd. It's HURLEY! Teeheehee!

6) Dlisted - Trashy gossip blog with really offensive language...Yes please!

7) Dooce - Heather B. Armstrong is the QUEEN of the blog. Mormonism, babies, married life and the Daily Chuck.

As for passing along the award to the aforementioned blogs, I am pretty sure ladies 1-4 already won one of these! I guess it's a testament to their creativity...or "Kreativity."


  1. you are tooo SWEEET!!!! thanks so much for the award :) so glad we've met through the blog world!! you are a gem! your award is well deserved my friend

  2. awww hooray! thank you so much! your award is for sure deserved!

  3. YAY! This means so much to me, especially to be called "a runner" by someone such as yourself! I always get inspired when I read about your runs. Thank you for this!