Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lame Mantra

A couple of months ago (in a fit of running passion), I signed up for the Hatfield and McCoy Mini-Marathon that takes place in June. The race starts in eastern Kentucky and ends across the state line in West Virginia.

Reasons why I picked this race:

a) It's relatively close to home
b) Eastern Kentucky is a beautiful part of the state
c) I'll be on my own (no friends running with me)! Very exciting, in a weird way
d) It's never to early to go Marathon Shopping -- and I've read that this is a fun one!
e) The Hatfield/McCoy reunion festival is really cool
f) Hubs said I could

Reasons why I have slowly realized I may have made a terrible choice:


Wow, that's really scenic...look at all those...lovely...MOUNTAINS.

So last night I hit up my favorite park to do some hill workouts. And after my first set I wanted to die. I just felt so incredibly out of shape! But then, when I felt my most worthless, I found a new mantra: "West...Virginia...West...Virginia...WEST VIRGINIA!"

I had to keep reminding myself that in June I will have to run a mini-marathon in the hills of West Virginia. It was sort of like "this hill is nothing, try harder!"

And while it may be the lamest mantra in the history of running, it worked. I powered through that hill workout with the wind in my face.

I may be less a toenail, but I've revived my excitement for my June race!


  1. Ok, Taylor. I don't want you to die in Eastern Kentucky or West Virginia. The hill people could snatch you up. Wear a gps locator thing.

  2. Your comment perpetuates a negative, stimga.