Monday, March 2, 2009

Run Mapping and Urban Legends

I can't for the life of me find a decent 12-13 mile route for my next long run.

My preferences for long runs are:
  • One large loop: Because when I run out and backs, I see a tree/rock/landmark and think to myself "The next time you see that tree/rock/landmark, you will be ALMOST finished...but not now..."

  • Balance of country and residential: Rich people tend to do their laundry on Saturday mornings, and the smell of high-priced dryer sheets is something I look forward to. Seriously.

  • Minimal traffic: Because I don't have my Road-ID yet! I know that sounds morbid, but it's something every back-woods runner/walker/cyclist worries about. maybe I'm a little picky. I always like to map out two or three possible runs on Map My Run and then go from there.

But so far I can only find one possible route...and it crosses through dreaded Goat Man territory! I've blogged about Goat Man before, therefore making this two-too-many posts about a goat monster. Is there a blog award for that?

Aaaaaaanyway, of course there is no real Goat Man. Ahem. But I am still kind of...freaked out...about running that way.

It reminds me of an old Jim Breuer stand-up routine where he talks about driving alone at night on an empty highway, shouting out his windows in an attempt to provoke the Boogie Man to prove he isn't really afraid of him. Yeah, that's me.

And the really ironic thing about it is? Jim Breuer played Goat Boy on SNL.


You wuz runnin thru mah I eatz you.


  1. The smell of laundry're so funny. I totally know what you mean though ;)

  2. haha i love running and smelling laundry too! that is hilarious :) thanks for your sweet posts, your a doll!