Tuesday, March 24, 2009

These are a few of my fav-o-rite things...

Recently, my obsession with purses has been replaced by my obsession with running gear. Now instead of splurging on a Coach bag at the outlet mall, I buy running gear en masse!

Poor Hubs. I literally apologize to him for spending all of his hard-earned money every couple of days.

Here's what I can't run without:

I run in Brooks Defyance 2 and I love them...It was the first time I picked out a pair of running shoes for reasons outside of how they looked! They "corrected" my natural pronation that was aggravating my knee and hip, so basically they saved my running-life.

Nike Tempo shorts are my current item-obsession. Built-in liner, key pocket, perfect length = a great pair of running shorts. I never really paid much attention to my shorts until I started to run 4+ miles. Heck, after 1 mile Soffe shorts feel like sand-paper underpants.

Target's C9 Champion Sport Bras are the stuff. I know lots of women struggle with finding the perfect sports bra, but I have had no problems with this brand. Sure, I could spend $40 and get a Nike bra that is moisture wicking AND can brew me coffee, but for the money C9 is in a league of it's own.

Goody No-Slide Headbands are essential pieces in my running arsenal. I have a lot of hair...and it's very curly. XTREME curls. And nothing keeps the frizz at bay like these headbands, which were are available at drug-stores are Targets and Walmarts (oh my).

The Camelbak Charm says: Welcome to the Upper-Echelon of Runner Nerd-dom. I tried a hydration belt at first and it just flat annoyed me to death. I was wary about the Camelbak, but once I tried it out I was hooked. I think this model is 4 lbs. at it's heaviest, but I totally forgot it was there. The pocket it just big enough for a cell phone, car key and some Shot Blox. A must have for long runs.

So...what else is out there?

Specifically, has anyone found a brand/style of shirt or singlet for the upcoming summer months?


  1. Okay are we long lost twins? Those are my new favorite shoes right now, I only wear Nike Tempos, and I adore Targets C9 bras (I wear the cami versoins, with the thin straps though). I might look into a camel bak for this summer. I just feel like I'm not good enough of a runner to be able to pull that off haha!

  2. TWINSIES! Right on!

    You can TOTALLY pull off a Camelbak. It makes you look hardcore, if nothing else!

  3. These bras are on sale this week at Target! I plan on picking some up on my Buffalo, NY shopping excursion (the matching capris and yoga pants are also on sale!)

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the C9 singlet. It is the most comfortable thing--because you don't even know it's there. It's very airy. And for the price, I'd say just buy one and try it out. I also bought some great Nike singlets/tanks and I like them about as well.

  5. You posted a pic of the exact pair of shorts I ran in tonight, lol. My favorite pair!

    Also, thanks for the sports bra tip...I've needed some new ones lately, so I will have to check those out! My current one is Champion, but I can't find the specific kind anymore.

    I absolutely love my Garmin GPS. Can't run outdoors without it!

  6. I love my Brooks shoes, too!
    Hmm...new stuff? I just bought a running skirt! Have you checked those out? I got mine for cheap at Target but I think you can get fancy ones, too! I think it's a fun idea.

  7. Another Day...: Stock up on those bras! They are the best, and in every color!

    Modern Marvel: I JUST got that C9 singlet, so I'm so glad you gave it a good review...Now I just need a hot day to try it out!

    Eating Free: You better believe I've got a Garmin on my birthday list (as in, all I want for my birthday)!

    Thinspired: Everytime I go to Target, literally everytime, I check out the running skirts...I think I'll take the plunge and pick on up!

    Thanks ladies!!!