Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Hits (and hills) Just Keep on Comin'

Fifty yards into my run this morning and I was not going to be a good one.

It was a beautiful day and I was excited to hit the road, but it seemed like something was always annoying me. First it was my shorts-- I got tried of tugging on them and resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have a 13 mile wedgie.

Then my Camelbak got all wonky. The straps keep loosening up and I spent a half mile adjusting them.

I took a turn down a road that I've never run before, and I quickly realized it was un-runnable. Too much traffic and too little shoulder...I turned tail and headed back the way I came.

At this point I was only 5 miles into my run and had to figure out a way to make up the rest of the miles.

I improvised (which is never good for me), got lost in a giant golf course community and finally found my way back to my park. I did a loop there for good measure and called it a day.

I cooled down and returned to my car only to find a pack of middle-aged lady cyclists chatting it up. Annoyance #323.

Dear Cyclists by my car: I am hot, tired, salty-faced and I do NOT want to hear about how much you love chocolate-covered coffee beans. Or how you want that tape with the flower indentations for your other bike. Or how you can't get off a decent snot-rocket.

I just want to stretch in peace and eat a banana. Go away.

I also realized that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the reason my long runs are always so painfully slow is because I am climbing hills 90% of the time. Good prep for West Virginia, bad for time.

My mission for next weekend is find a nice, flat route.

BB out!


  1. Oh gross. I hate, hate, hate hills!!! Sorry you had such an annoying run, that is always so disheartening!

  2. ugh! I LOVE hills! at least that is my attitude to keep me pushing through!

    I totally relate to your chatty bike ladies- Jeff and I were running on the treadmill together and this girl was practically yelling about her dating problems and credit issues with her friend- eh! we had to move!

    Congratulations to you for such an AMAZING run! Wow! im impressed