Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OH! Looks like this is my turn...

I'm an overplanner and control freak. Because of this, the notion of embarking on a 10 mile run in an unfamiliar area is kind of panic-inducing. I'm less worried about my pesky IT band, but more worried about getting LOST.

Sure there will be other runners to follow, but what if I get distracted by food or music or shoes or purses or clowns or doggies or balloons or cars or soccer balls or other streets or whatever? WHO KNOWS what may happen!?

So I was scoping out the Hangover Classic race route on Street View (my new addiction) to better acquaint myself with the course when I stumbled across something VERY STRANGE:

There is a message written on the road (in yellow), directing someone (ME?) to "HOSS." Hoss happens to be one of my high-school buddies who lived downtown, so I found this to be particulary amusing. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the message does not read "Hoss" but "HOGS." Ah, ok. Not quite as strange (this area is famous for the stockyards). I am kind of bummed it doesn't actually say "Hoss."

Regardless of what it says, THIS is the exact sort of thing that could get me all distracted and ultimately lost in my own city.

I can just hear Hubs on the other end of that phone call:

bb: I'm lost! Come get me.
Hubs: What? I thought you were running in the race?
bb: I was but then...there was an arrow...
Hubs: Well where the heck are ya?
bb: Uhh...erm...hmph.
Hubs: HUH?!
bb: There are hogs.

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