Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So, speed work makes you...faster?

I had another curiously speedy (for me) mid-distance run yesterday: 5 miles in 43:12, close to 8:40/miles on average.

I wasn't trying to run any "faster" than I normally run (which is typically 10 minute miles); it just happened that way. This progress makes me very happy, but I'm not going to set any lofty goals based on these runs...finishing the race will always be my #1 goal!

Speaking of speed, today is Speed Work Day!!!

Eh...That's false enthusiasm, actually. I like speed work because it's quick (go figure!) but I'd hate to waste a sunny afternoon on a treadmill.

No matter what, I will be jamming to some "Circus" in honor of Brit-Brit's triumphant return to the spotlight:


  1. what kind of speedwork do you do? i shuold probably add this into my routine, i just don't know where to even start?? im usually a 10 minute mile runner too :)

  2. On a treadmill I warm up for 2 minutes at a comfortable jogging pace and then I sprint for 2 minutes, and then recover for 2 minutes. I'll repeat the sprint/recovery 6-8 times. Sometimes I'll sprint for 4 minutes just to switch it up.

    I've always read that the sprint portion should feel borderline uncomfortable, so I try to go for that sensation...but it's really not that bad. Two minutes go by really quickly!

    Get ready to sweat A LOT!

  3. good for you!! way to maintain your goals but still get a really fast time! woohooo!

    I do a quicker speed session, not that there is anything at all bad about yours cuz i like it! I do every 0.25 miles... and usually recover after each mile - then restart the treadmill. So sprint a 1/4, jog a 1/4, sprint, etc.

  4. I have to do speedwork today too :( I love running to Circus, too! It really pumps me up.

  5. Oooooh, I like that sprint 1/4, jog 1/4...I need to try that out!