Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh, great.

That nagging tightness is my calf from few days ago has apparently developed into shin splints in my left leg.

Ugh. I'm vacillating between indifference and blind rage.

I mean, the likely culprit is extreme uphill/downhill running that resulted in my overall calf wonkiness and not a training issue. I've been extra careful in avoiding overload and stuck to my training schedule like glue.

So here's what I'm going to do about it...
- Reduce my mileage on my long run tomorrow
- Take the flattest route I can find
- Complain
- Compression sleeves for the affected shin
- R.I.C.E. the rest of the weekend

I'm not happy about cutting back on my mileage. Even though my long run last Saturday was nasty, I wanted a chance to redeem myself at an equal distance.

Thankfully, the cold weather tomorrow will warrant pants instead of shorts, thus covering what is likely to be a hot pink compression sleeve on my left leg.


  1. Oh how miserable!! I hope it starts feeling better here soon!

  2. Yikes, I hate when that least you'll be rocking in your pink calf compressions!

  3. Will you were those calf comps and those particular shoes to the party tomorrow? I think it will be just fancy enough.

  4. Yikes! Have you ever had severe cramp spasms/charley horses? I have been getting them since I upped my mileage and they are HORRIBLE! Any tips?!

  5. ugh I had shin splints all through high school track and again in college track.

    Those compression sleeves are helpful ( i like the hot pink!) but I had to sit in ice baths up to my knees everyday after practice- those helped too.