Friday, March 27, 2009

Running Playlists and Why I'm Gross

*** A note of clarification about my previous post ***

I hope you all will still want to be my interweb friends after I admit this but...that moisture on my t-shirt after the run was 100% sweat, not rain.

It had stopped raining well before I started my run.


*** Back to the regularly scheduled (totally hygienic) post ***

Happy Friday!

I'd like to get in 12-13 miles tomorrow and maybe try a new route...

That means a good majority of my day will be spent cross-referencing Map-My-Run and Google Street View, trying to determine roads where I will be least likely to get run down by a van. Hooray!

I was perusing(creeping on) forum posts on Run the Ville about running playlists and I got to thinking about my sad little iPod.

During my last 4-5 long runs, I've listened to Kelly Clarkson or Lady Gaga. Exclusively.

Their new CDs were all I needed to get me through a run. Seriously-- they are that good.

But, I'm open to some new music...hook a sister up!

What's on your running playlist right now?


  1. I'm listening to a lot of silly current pop tunes right now like Flo Rida, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Jason Marz, Ciara & JT, blah blah blah.....anything you might here on 98.9fm. It's not my usual taste in music but I like to run to it.

  2. I can't stop laughing...who cares if that was all sweat? That is the point of exercising, good for you for getting all gross! lol...

    I don't run (I think I would need paramedic attention if I tried)but on my powerwalking playlist I have a lot of old school Mariah Carey and Madonna, like late 80's to mid 90's kinda stuff

  3. Joe-- GOOD CALL on the Flo Rida...that new song is my jam!!

    Another Day...: I'll always have a special place in my heart for Mariah-- she was the first CD I ever bought! Fantasy, Always Be My it. Thank you for forgiving my grossness :)

  4. ah i need both of these cdsss!! black eyed peas always pumps me up for runs :) especially the song pump it! ha

  5. I have Pump it on a playlist, great song...I have so many running playlists its not funny. I like a lot of Hip-Hop, not rap(yes, there is a difference)....but when it comes to running I have everything from U2 to White Stripes to Loretta Lynn to Zapp(original vo-coder RIP) to De La Soul to Tribe Called Quest to 3 Doors Down to Wu-Tang to Common to Kanya........the list goes on and on.

  6. Sorry...I forgot Radiohead...I must include Radiohead!!!

  7. I hope the run went well!

    I think sweat should bring pride! You earned it!

  8. oh lady gaga- that WOULD be good... i need to get me some of that asap.

    um i sweat like a pig- sometimes- but I try not to wear tshirts or shirts ( I typed shits) that show the sweat...

    do you have special underwears that wick sweat? I found one pair for like $30 but I was curious if anyone ever invests in those because that is way more uncomfy than a sweaty shirt.

    my list involves britney spears and Pink... I always run faster when Pink comes on... and a band called drive by truckers- they have some good rock songs like "Dead Drunk and Naked"