Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love/Hate: Back to School

Some E-cards is the best thing ever.

I love...the fact that I will soon have all the wonderful school breaks back at my disposal.

Ahhh Spring Break, Fall Break and CHRISTMAS BREAK! No more hoarding vacation days at work, because I'll be a STUDENT again and they just give you those things.

I hate...anything and everything associated with Financial Aid.

In undergrad I had no experience applying for financial aid. I was just really lucky to have parents who could (and wanted to) pay for my education.

Now I'm on my own...stupid FAFSA...stupid EFC....I did get a little giddy when I saw how much I loan money I could get for "personal expenses" but then I reminded myself that I'd have to PAY THAT BACK.

More about running later.


  1. I will be going through a similar experience soon. I didn't deal with FAFSA for undergrad but if I want to go back to study to become an RD, I'm on my own. The thought of filling out all those forms is a nightmare! I am delaying it as long as possible.
    Good luck with yours! ;)

  2. oh I just found your blog! I love it! Congrats on finding running and fitting into your dress and getting married AND completing the infamous FAFSA! I just finished mine in february, bleh! What are you going to school for?

    I am in graduate school for nutrition and I am a runner as well- AND - my bf and I are talking about getting engaged soon!

    So glad I found a great blog- I am adding you to my blog roll right now so that I don't lose you. hope that is alright!

  3. Thanks for the kind words ladies!

    It's just one thing after another with grad school education: you study for the entrance exams, then you wait for your scores, then you apply, wait for your acceptance, pick a school and THEN you have to deal with all this FAFSA crap! ARGH!

    It never ends!

  4. Ughhhh welcome back to school, grown up style!